Document Crunch Enters Exclusive Partnership with ELECTRI International to Provide a Custom Contract Review Solution and Expand Benchmarking Service

Document Crunch, together with ELECTRI International, will help electrical contractors nationwide reduce contractual risks, minimize liabilities and make informed decisions.

Atlanta, Georgia, March 29, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Document Crunch, an Atlanta-based contract intelligence platform, has expanded its partnership with ELECTRI International, the foundation established by the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) to represent the $202 billion electrical construction industry. This enhanced partnership will expand existing joint benchmarking services and will provide a customized contract review solution for electrical contractors across the country.

As part of this agreement, contractors who sign up for the service, will have exclusive access to an ELECTRI-specific solution through Document Crunch’s innovative platform. This platform helps simplify construction contracts and identify critical risk provisions quickly. Furthermore, as a result of the ELECTRI/Document Crunch partnership established last year, contractors can also take advantage of the platform’s enhanced benchmarking service. 

“ELECTRI understands the importance of bringing value-driven services and programs to EC industry members throughout North America,” said Josh Bone, Executive Director of ELECTRI International. “Our partnership with Document Crunch is an innovative way to reach our contractors and help them make solid, performance-oriented decisions as they prepare and present construction contracts.”

“The St. Paul Chapter is excited to provide Document Crunch as a benefit to our members. The viability of our members’ businesses, and the health of our local industry, begins and ends with the ability to secure fair subcontracts. Whether you are a one-person shop or a large national firm with in-house legal counsel, understanding and negotiating fair contract terms on ever-tightening deadlines is risky and challenging. Document Crunch’s AI technology will help our members quickly understand, track, and negotiate fairer contract terms. This will benefit their businesses so they can focus on their greatest strengths: empowering communities and installing safe, high-quality electrical systems for their customers,” said Luke Kuhl, Executive Director of the NECA St. Paul Chapter.

Benchmarking is a key element for electrical contractors and their firms’ continuous improvement. Having a comprehensive understanding of the current market is crucial to ensuring fair and transparent project contracts. The new and enhanced benchmarking service will help contractors gauge and understand where they stand compared to their peers, determine what’s fair, and make more informed decisions around the contracts they potentially enter.

"Through this collaboration—and with the support of ELECTRI International—we are helping electrical contractors optimize their contract review processes, mitigate risks, minimize contractual liabilities and make even more informed business decisions,” said Josh Levy, CEO of Document Crunch. “We are proud to partner with an outstanding organization like ELECTRI and support its mission to push the boundaries of innovation in the industry.”

Document Crunch will use its AI-powered technology to analyze contractors’ current and past contracts and then extract key provisions to identify trends and generate insights. Document Crunch’s analysis is complemented by ELECTRI International’s transformative research results to provide electrical contractors with the best practices for negotiating and executing on key contract terms.

Contractors can learn more about the custom contract review solution and benchmarking services offered through Document Crunch and ELECTRI, by visiting for more information and to sign up for the contract review and benchmarking services.

For more information and to schedule an interview with Document Crunch CEO, Josh Levy, or ELECTRI Executive Director, Josh Bone, please contact Katie Zeppieri at:

About Document Crunch:
Document Crunch is a contract intelligence platform that simplifies construction contracts by quickly identifying critical risk provisions and provides teams with guidance to make great decisions throughout the entire project lifecycle. Document Crunch has experienced rapid growth over the past year, receiving great praise from the industry, including being listed as a Top 10 ConTech Partner by Build in Digital. The publication celebrated Document Crunch as “one of the very best construction technology firms operating in the built environment." Document Crunch is on a mission to empower everyone in the construction industry to understand what's in their contracts. Learn more at

About ELECTRI International:
ELECTRI International - The Foundation for Electrical Construction was established in 1989 by the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA), the voice of the $202 billion electrical construction industry responsible for lighting, power, communication and low-voltage, energy efficient and sustainable systems in buildings and communities across the United States. The Foundation works to help electrical contractors meet today's demands and tomorrow's challenges by funding, conducting, coordinating and transforming research results into meaningful, useful educational and consulting programs and practical publications. On the international scene, ELECTRI conducts seminars, briefings and studies and brings together industry leaders to explore ways to connect and develop relationships that encourage business and cultural exchanges worldwide. Learn more at


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