FigBytes Enhances Its Sustainability Platform with Carbon Removal Leader Patch

New partnership ensures carbon credits are easily managed as part of an organization’s overall climate accounting and climate action strategy

OTTAWA, March 30, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- FigBytes, creators of the leading Sustainability Platform for impact-focused organizations, today announced its partnership with Patch. The partnership simplifies climate accounting and action programs, ensuring that organizations can easily manage their carbon credit transactions as part of their comprehensive carbon emissions reduction strategy.

Sustainability leaders and those tasked with meeting emissions reduction goals need better information to make decisions on how to shape their sustainability programs. FigBytes helps make an organization’s emissions reduction strategy actionable with data, ensures reporting is an ongoing but effortless process, and makes it easy to show progress to a growing pool of stakeholders.

FigBytes also supports organizations with their climate action strategies. With FigBytes, organizations can leverage data insights to help set credible, science-based net zero targets and create action plans to follow and monitor their progress, which often includes the purchase, tracking, and reporting of carbon credits to help reach their emissions reductions goals. FigBytes’ partnership with Patch now makes this possible.

“We’ve simplified the entire carbon credit purchase experience for organizations with climate action goals that want to ensure this component is managed alongside their carbon accounting programs,” explains Brennan Spellacy, CEO and Co-founder, Patch. “By partnering with FigBytes, organizations gain access to the largest, most flexible supply of trusted carbon removal and avoidance credits on the market, directly from the FigBytes Sustainability Platform, complementing existing carbon reduction programs.”

Patch is the platform scaling unified climate action across companies of all sizes, their customers, and their networks by simplifying and democratizing access to the voluntary carbon market. With over 200 customers and more than 100 climate projects, Patch has enabled consumers and companies to neutralize emissions and support carbon removal projects across the world.

“Through this integration with Patch, organizations can now easily track, manage, and report on key insights from their carbon reduction program together with their carbon removal initiatives,” said Ted Dhillon, CEO and Co-founder, FigBytes. “In order to reach their net zero targets or climate-related goals, organizations will need to be laser-focused on their approach to climate accounting and climate action. Our partnership with Patch provides organizations with a powerful solution to ensure they remain on track to reaching their climate goals.”

The FigBytes Sustainability Platform transforms complex environmental, social, and governance information into simple reporting and functional insights. The platform is purpose-built and supported by the company’s team of advisors and technology experts to address the unique needs of sustainability leaders today and scalable to meet the evolving issues and regulations of tomorrow.

Product Availability
The integration of Patch with FigBytes is now available. Existing customers of FigBytes should reach out to their account managers to learn more. If you have a climate goal or net zero target you’re working toward, connect with us today and let us help you get started.

About Patch
Patch is the platform scaling unified climate action, empowering companies of any size to help rebalance the planet while advancing their business initiatives. Patch provides democratized access to a broad selection of carbon credits through product integrations, direct purchases, and multi-year offtake agreements—all of which enable climate project developers to scale their solutions. Patch combines cutting edge software with thoughtful project vetting. Patch’s partners have the information they need to feel confident in their climate impact and the transparency they want into each and every transaction. Learn more at

About FigBytes
FigBytes empowers impact-focused organizations to make positive change for people and the planet. The FigBytes Sustainability Platform transforms complex environmental, social, and governance information into simple reporting and functional insights by capturing operational and supplier data in a central, secure, cloud-based platform that manages strategy, automates framework reporting, and simplifies stakeholder engagement, for climate, water, and beyond. To learn more, visit


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