Instachange Displays Limited Celebrates 45th Anniversary

Newmarket, Ontario, April 03, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Instachange Displays Limited (IDL) is celebrating its 45th anniversary this year as a global leader in visual merchandising. The company provides high-quality products to leading brands, retailers, and creative service suppliers.

For 45 years, Instachange Displays Limited has been dedicated to offering clients the best quality products at competitive prices. Its wide range of visual merchandising products includes fasteners, accessories, POP display components, shelf management solutions, brochure holders, and product merchandising items.

IDL is known as a one-stop shop for visual merchandising and accessories, attracting international clients who value top-quality products.

It’s made a lasting impact on the industry since 1977 with a large selection of products serving businesses in various industries like graphic displays, signage displays, factories, printers, schools, hospitals, and informative literature displays.

Customer service is a top priority at (IDL). Its mission is to help clients increase operational efficiency, facilitating sales growth for all customers.

With industry knowledge, manufacturing facilities, and commitment to innovation, Instachange Display Limited adds value to its customers, leaving them highly satisfied with the products and services provided.

The company maintains ethical values that prioritize high-quality low-cost products, customer service, community support, and building a strong team of employees to grow the business.

It’s celebrating 45 years of achievements, reflecting on their accomplishments and legacy, a testament to their dedication to quality. To learn more about Instachange Displays Limited and its range of visual merchandising products, visit



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