Valyant AI raises additional funding to enhance drive-thru ordering experience

DENVER, Colo., April 04, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Valyant AI, a leading provider of automated drive-thru ordering technology, announced today that it recently completed a new round of funding, bringing the artificial intelligence company’s total capital raised to $17 million. Valyant also signed a partnership deal with Paerpay, a cutting-edge payment and guest engagement platform, to help automate ordering and payment at drive-thru locations across the country.

"We are thrilled to complete this funding round and partner with Paerpay to enhance our automated drive-thru ordering technology," said Rob Carpenter, CEO of Valyant AI. "This funding will enable us to continue to innovate and improve our technology, while the partnership with Paerpay allows us to provide an even more seamless ordering and payment experience for our customers."

Valyant AI's automated drive-thru ordering technology greets customers at the drive-thru, answers food-related questions, provides nutritional information, takes orders and integrates directly into a restaurant’s point-of-sale system for preparation and payment. “Holly,” Valyant’s AI conversational AI system, gets progressively smarter as it interacts with more guests and learns new idioms and menu items. These interactions ultimately allow Holly to complete orders faster and more accurately. 

Valyant is currently on track for a 300% increase in total restaurants running its drive-thru AI in 2023. The additional capital will support the deployment, adjustments and launch of multiple new restaurant locations and brands and three key initiatives: 

  1. Rolling out a suite of tools to allow better menu management for existing customers.
  2. Supporting Valyant’s continued patent infringement litigation. 
  3. Launching a new “AI Assistant Manager” product offering. 

Leveraging machine learning or AI (similar to programs like ChatGPT), the new suite of menu tools will make managing existing live restaurant locations far easier. From making adjustments when new menu items like limited-time offerings come out to modifying greetings, changing upsell logic or responding more nimbly to fluctuations in customer demand, Valyant AI provides more resources to restaurant owners to manage their drive-thru systems in a way that fits their specific business and location.

In addition to the fresh round of funding, Valyant AI is also announcing a new partnership with Paerpay, a leading payment automation provider within the quick-service restaurant industry. The combined offering will allow restaurant operators to automate order taking and payment in drive-thru locations, creating tremendous flexibility for labor scheduling and operational management. With Valyant AI and Paerpay, employees spend more time interacting with guests at the window, serving customers in the lobby, cleaning, preparing food and enhancing the overall guest experience.

For more information about Paerpay and its contactless payment solution, please visit For more information about Valyant AI and its conversational AI platform, please visit

About Valyant AI

Valyant AI provides QSRs with an upbeat and professional voice-based artificial intelligence (AI)  customer service platform that is always ready to assist. One of the first commercial deployments of drive-thru AI, Valyant AI easily integrates into call-ahead phone systems, restaurant drive-thrus, mobile apps and more to support customers at every touchpoint, anytime and anywhere. With the eventual ability to speak more than 30 languages, Valyant AI can help customers as quickly and enjoyably as possible. Whether helping to address labor shortages or enhancing customer service, Valyant AI delivers an unmatched customer service experience. With Valyant AI, the future of customer service is here. For more information, please visit

About Paerpay

Paerpay is an integrated contactless payments system and guest engagement platform. Guests can use Paerpay to instantly pay the bill from their phone without downloading an app, and restaurants don’t need to change their existing tech stack or credit card processor. Paerpay makes payments as simple as a QR code or text message. To learn more about Paerpay, visit



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