INVESTOR NEWS no. 18 - 12 April 2023

Ferry – freight: Total volumes in March 2023 were 12.0% below 2022. Volumes were 6.1% below 2022 adjusted for closure of the Izmir-Tarragona route and Channel that is impacted by a market decrease and overcapacity.

North Sea volumes were below last year due to mainly fewer volumes between the Netherlands and the UK following an expectedly temporary drop in Continental vegetable and fruit volumes caused by high energy prices. Mediterranean volumes were above last year adjusted for the closure of the Izmir-Tarragona route.

Channel volumes were below last year due to a continued market decrease, suspen-sion of sailings by an operator in March 2022, and a negative impact from the entry of a third ferry operator. Baltic Sea volumes remained negatively impacted by the war in Ukraine.

For the last twelve months 2023-22, the total transported freight lane metres decreased 6.0% to 40.8m from 43.4m in 2022-21. The decrease was 2.5% adjusted for the closed Izmir-Tarragona route and Channel.

Ferry – passenger: The number of passengers continued to recover and increased 76.2% to 235k equal to 85% of volumes in March 2019, the latest comparable month pre-Covid-19. The number of cars equalled 76% of volumes in 2019.

For the last twelve months 2023-22, the total number of passengers was 4.1m compared to 1.1m in 2022-21 and 5.1m in 2019.

DFDS ferry volumes        
 March LTM*
Freight202120222023Change 2021-202022-212023-22Change
Lane metres, '0003,9744,0403,553-12.0% 41,06143,38440,781-6.0%
Passenger202120222023Change 2021-202022-212023-22Change
Passengers, '0002013423576.2% 1,0021,0684,109284.6%
*Last twelve months         

DFDS reports monthly ferry volumes for freight and passengers to provide insight into the development of volume trends in DFDS’ European route network. DFDS’ ferry routes enable trade and travel in and around Europe. Click on the link to see a map of the entire network. The April 2023 volume report is expected to be published on 11 May 2023 at around 07.30am CET.


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