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Leading legal tech platform now enables a faster, more simplified way to assemble demand letters leveraging the power of AI and the .vine platform.

Salt Lake City, UT, April 13, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Filevine’s new embedded service,, allows users to outsource demand letter generation- without leaving the platform. A first of its kind. The new tool manages secure data, all within Filevine, while minimizing the risks of human error and associated fees, keeping all client data secure within the platform.

Approximately 100,000+ demand letters are drafted by Filevine customers every month. “We believe Filevine is home to the largest and most accurate repository of personal injury case management data in the world,” said Ryan Anderson, co-founder and CEO. “Given the unmatched breadth of our experience in the personal injury space, our customers are now at a significant advantage.” 

“Filevine firmly believes the judgment of lawyers and other legal professionals is crucial, not only when it comes to demands, but with all legal documents,” said Alex Pearson, Filevine’s General Counsel. “But we also believe lawyers should always be looking for ways to deliver a better product for their clients, with less time and expense.”   

Now, Filevine’s users will have the ability to delegate the build of a high quality demand with a single click. To that end, aims to leverage technology on behalf of Filevine-certified demand-drafting partners, securely engaged and AI-augmented, to assemble and deliver demands in record time. Once complete, the demand will go back to the requesting lawyer for final review. 

“When lawyers use technology responsibly, the clients win,” said Anderson.

Competitive Offering

Competitors in the space to date have claimed AI-assisted products, but attorneys are still responsible for filling out a separate web form and manually uploading all of the relevant documents and case details, including highly-sensitive, personally identifying information, to an external system with unclear security protocols. The process also requires intensive human intervention, resulting in needless delays of up to a week, or longer. allows Filevine customers to rest easy, knowing their clients’ demands are assembled by professionals inside Filevine’s highly secure, auditable, SOC 2 Type 2 environment.  


Benefits of Filevine’s new embedded service include:

  1. Cost Savings - Law firms will no longer have to own the cost of drafting or outsourcing their demand letter creation. Firms also avoid the risk of additional charges for needing to edit or revise demands due to upload or entry errors.
  2. Security - Protecting client data is critical to Filevine’s mission. With Filevine’s SOC 2 Type II, HIPAA and CJIS certifications, and additional industry-recognized, best-in-class compliance, privacy and security tools, Filevine is well positioned to aid law firms and other professionals in safeguarding user data. Filevine’s certified demand-drafting partners are required to generate the demand letters in Filevine, thereby ensuring that all client data is secure, and sensitive customer information never has to leave the platform.
  3. Efficiency - By outsourcing the document creation process, building a demand letter is as simple as documenting all the relevant information specific to the case into Filevine, which Filevine customers already do. Thus, to make use of, our customers need only select a partner and let a team of AI-augmented legal experts take care of the rest.
  4. Accuracy - Since all of the documents and resources pertaining to a case already exist in Filevine, the risk of human error when uploading component parts of the letter is significantly reduced.

A World of Possibilities

"The context of Filevine’s rich, structured dataset feeding into a demand is what makes this really shine," says Evan Schneyer, co-founder of Outlaw and inventor of the .vine format. "We can dynamically assemble much of the document correctly right out of the gate, then use AI in a targeted way to fill in the missing pieces with stunningly high quality."

The AI-driven demand creation service is currently in beta and available to Filevine customers upon request starting next week. A full launch is scheduled for June 2023, accompanied by customer education articles and support resources. Offerings will be accessible in-app and on

Learn more about Filevine’s upcoming embedded service here.

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