The Most Common Lead Generation Missteps To Avoid In A Tight Economy: Here’s How To Maximize Performance

Incorporating brand strategies across all communications channels is critical to amplifying the results of your next lead generation campaign.

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BOSTON, April 18, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- As companies across the U.S. look for ways to drum up new business in this present economy, many of them have turned to lead generation as a core strategy for gaining potential customers in a cost-effective way. In fact, one study shows that companies anticipate spending $3.2 billion in lead generation advertising by the end of this year.

But, given this heightened amount of digital marketing spend, it’s important for organizations to ensure that they have the right strategies for executing flawlessly so they can avoid some of the most common missteps that can injure their brand and impact results.

According to Vashti Brotherhood, a 30-year veteran of the national marketing industry and President of Incenter Marketing, “Lead generation and branding are two distinct disciplines, but they must work together in order for digital marketing campaigns to be fully optimized. When a strong brand narrative and voice drive the messaging in a lead generation campaign, it reinforces your core value differentiators, helps your engagement stand out in an often overwhelming sea of competitive initiatives, and inspires customers to respond. On the other hand, if you don’t have a strong brand narrative that connects with prospects in a meaningful way, you simply won’t get the same level of engagement and leads.”

Some other pitfalls to avoid with lead generation include things like:  

  • Lack of strategy for nurturing leads
  • Lack of a cohesive brand story across campaign elements (digital, social, email, etc.)
  • Missing elements that inspire people to care (a compelling ‘reason why’, strong graphic identity)
  • Call to action is not impactful
  • Lack of campaign testing to ensure best results
  • Inability to track campaigns (and make adjustments along the way)

“But when they're careful to base lead generation on the foundational tenets of a brand, marketers generate leads from prospective customers interested in building a longer term, personal connection to their brand and company,” Brotherhood added.

Furthermore, building a personalized connection is especially vital in a tight economy where customers are closely watching their bottom lines and are a little more judicious about where they spend their dollars. B2C customers are often prone to switching to lower priced options in the market. And, B2B customers may consider switching to new vendors who can offer them a bigger bang for their buck. Customers who have developed an allegiance to you based on your brand and how they see themselves in it, are less likely to jump to a competitor to save a few dollars.

In fact, when lead generation is done right, it can often deliver some amazing results like…

  • Consumers making an emotional connection with your brand
  • High click-through rates and open rates
  • Upticks in engagements with social media posts
  • And, ultimately customers who stay onboard with you, even in a tough economy

“Positive results can be realized when every communications channel is working as hard as it can by leveraging the right strategies,” shared Brotherhood. “Campaigns have to be designed in a way that integrates all relevant channels so that every marketing dollar counts, especially in this economy.”  

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