RYVYL Announces Strategic Partnership with Intercash In Expansion of Banking-as-a-Service Platform in European Markets


SAN DIEGO, CA, April 19, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- RYVYL Inc. (NASDAQ: RVYL) ("RYVYL" or the "Company"), a company that leverages the security of the blockchain and USD-pegged stablecoin technology with near-real-time attestation to conduct payment transactions, announced today it has entered into a strategic partnership with Intercash to collaborate on card issuance for customers in the European Economic Area (EEA).

Intercash is a global payment solution leader focusing on customizable white-label card programs in thousands of locations around the globe that allows users to transfer funds to bank accounts, instantly convert funds into local currency, and make real-time payments. Through the collaboration, business customers can now offer co-branded debit and prepaid cards to untapped consumer markets leveraging RYVYL’s new Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) platform as the infrastructure. White-label cards can be issued as virtual or physical, allowing businesses enhanced flexibility. Intercash, which currently has over 1 million cards issued, has already initiated the first phase of the process by moving more than 50,000 cards to the RYVYL card program and plans to continue with the migration in phases based on card issuance.

RYVYL’s banking infrastructure includes the ability to make near real-time payments in multiple currencies, even during non-business hours; with lower fees than third-party wiring companies; and enhanced fraud protection and security.

“Until now, certain B2B customers, through no fault of their own, have been largely excluded from using this important brand-building marketing tool,” says Fredi Nisan, Co-Founder and CEO of RYVYL. “By leveraging our partnership with Intercash, we are excited to be able to bring businesses in Europe the ability to create their own customized cards.”

The agreement is another example of RYVYL’s recent successes signing international financial institutions such as Paydek, Xace and others to its BaaS solution. The company expects to process more than $100 million in BaaS transaction volume per month when fully ramped up.


RYVYL Inc. (NASDAQ: RVYL) was born from a passion for empowering a new way to conduct business-to-business, consumer-to-business, and peer-to-peer payment transactions around the globe. By leveraging unique blockchain security and USD-pegged stablecoin technology with near real-time attestation, RYVYL is reinventing the future of financial transactions using its coyni® stablecoin platform as a transactional foundation. Since its founding as GreenBox POS in 2017 in San Diego, RYVYL has developed applications enabling an end-to-end suite of turnkey financial products with enhanced security and data privacy, world-class identity theft protection, and rapid speed to settlement. As a result, the platform can log immense volumes of immutable transactional records at the speed of the internet for first-tier partners, merchants, and consumers around the globe. www.ryvyl.com

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