The Sisters of the Valley Welcome AirBnB Guests

Bed and Breakfast at a California Hemp Micro-Farm

Merced, California, April 19, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Sisters of the Valley announced this week that they are opening up their hemp farm to AirBnB visitors.  A housing shortage in the area, combined with the Sisterhood's need for expansion into the service industry has brought together a unique opportunity for folks to stay with the Sisters and see their micro-farm operations up close.

Reservations are being taken now.

Said Sister Kate about the endeavor, “We have been hosting guests since we began, so having people around while we are working is not a new thing for us.  I'm not sure if other places like ours are opening up to the public, so we might actually be the first hemp farm in California doing this.” 

Being new to AirBnB, the sisters have to establish some history before they can graduate into the ‘event AirBnb’ space, but they have their eyes on that prize.

There is a whole list of things the sisters are preparing as options for which the guests may participate:

  • Visit the hemp growing operations and the functional mushroom grow operations
  • Visit the medicine-making kitchen, the mushroom powder mixing lab, and the shipping operations
  • Consultation session with the Sisters  
  • Photo sessions and time with the Metties
  • Sage bundle making, palo santo wrapping, pottery
  • A guided bike ride along the canals
  • A new moon gathering of the women or a full moon gathering of the tribe (specific nights)
  • Participating in harvest and shredding or trimming (seasonal)
  • Learning how to make CBD salves and oils
  • Learning how to plan a moon ceremony

For now, guests have to be content with an inexpensive bed and breakfast, but as soon as things get going, the Sisters plan to make events part of the booking options.    

It’s not an accident that the Sisters made this announcement during 4:20 week.  For those considering visiting, they should go to the Sisters website to learn more about them.  From now until Sunday, in honor of 420, the Sisters are offering a 20% discount with this coupon:  420sale

The Sisters make natural pain-relief and mood-stablizing products in a separate kitchen on the farm.  All of their products are made by hand, by the cycles of the moon, and ship to over 200 countries worldwide. 



One of the Rooms Available From the Sisters' Craft Yurt

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