Ranger Guard And Investigations Announce New Special Event Security Guard Services In Dallas, Texas

Dallas, Texas, April 21, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Ranger Guard and Investigations is pleased to announce the launch of its security guard services in Dallas, Texas. Ranger Guard and Investigations is a Texas-owned and operated security company in Dallas Texas, that specializes in providing reliable security services to diverse security needs. The company has announced that it is expanding its current security guard services to include special event security management, such as controlling venue access, regulating crowd flow, and K-9 patrols.

A spokesperson for Ranger Guard and Investigations said, “With our full-service package, event organizers can have peace of mind, knowing their attendees will be protected in every possible way. We also offer equipment and supply rentals as well as limousine services. Since our client’s satisfaction is our primary concern, our company aims to provide full-service security options for your event so you don’t have to miss anything.”

Whether it is a local celebrity doing an appearance at a bookstore or concert security with tens of thousands in attendance, Ranger Guard and Investigations’ event security guards for hire in Dallas Texas will work with the venue staff to ensure the event is successful and your guests, employees, and VIPS receive a high standard of security and safety.

What is Event Security?

Event security management begins by controlling access and crowd flow.

Access control and crowd flow management enables you to maintain order, conduct bag searches, and prevent theft or individuals attempting to smuggle inappropriate items into the venue. Since there are almost always rules in place for what people can or cannot bring with them, security guards play a pivotal role in keeping everyone safe.

The security guards provided by Ranger Guard and Investigations will conduct a comprehensive event firewatch service in Dallas Texas where they are naturally looking for guns or other weapons that a person may be trying to sneak in and are fully authorized to confiscate these if found.

Additionally, professional event security guards with knowledge of access control allow you to funnel media or staff to the right location. If the environment requires it, Ranger Guard and Investigations also offer an armed security service in Dallas Texas, specifically designed to help the successful running of events by deterring potential criminals.

When your venue is large, the event security guards at Ranger Guard and Investigations can conduct patrols of the site to keep attendees safe while spread out. Whereas, during street events, the uniformed guards can be backed up by timed visits from frequent vehicle patrols in the area.

In addition to Ranger Guard and Investigations event security guard service, the company offers specialist K-9 searches or K-9 units for crowd control.

These trained security dogs get the attention of anyone who may be a disruptive presence and are especially effective for deterrence at large events where crowd control or violent attacks could be an issue.

About Ranger Guard and Investigations

Founded in 2009 by an experienced security professional and former Secret Service Agent Assaf Catran, Ranger Guard and Investigations has since grown to become one of Texas’s most dependable and reliable security agencies.

Whether guarding against potential terrorists, disgruntled employees, robberies, or other incidents, Ranger Guard and Investigations provides a complete security service with its team of expertly trained security guards to individuals, businesses, apartment complexes, and other facilities in Dallas, Texas.

More information

To find out more about Ranger Guard and Investigations and the company’s new special event security services, please visit the website at https://rangerguard.net/texas/north/dallas/.

Source: https://thenewsfront.com/ranger-guard-and-investigations-announce-new-special-event-security-guard-services-in-dallas-texas/


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