CRTC licenses The News Forum for National News Mandatory Distribution

ST. CATHARINES, Ontario, April 24, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- On May 17, 2022 the CRTC approved The News Forum’s (TNF) application for a broadcasting license (Broadcasting Decision CRTC 2022-130). The CRTC also granted TNF mandatory distribution under section 9 (1)(h) of the Broadcasting Act as of November 1, 2022. This means TNF is now added to the list of national news stations in Canada, receiving mandatory distribution.

“The granting of the news license and mandatory carriage is a big moment for us,” said Tore Stautland, TNF Founder. “This license is not often granted by the CRTC, and comes with great responsibility. With an amazing team of content developers, we hope to build on a rich history of Canadian news production. As viewers seek to better understand a rapidly changing world, The News Forum is committed to unpack the complexity of issues and marketplace challenges with analysis and diverse perspectives.”

Forum Daily News provides domestic and international news along with daily analysis, discussions and special reports on topics affecting Canadians such as legal, finance, education, politics and crypto. The News Forum is also excited to launch My Generation, which is a program that encourages the younger generation to feel empowered in their way of thinking.

“The TNF team prides itself on being an outlet for tough conversations on tough subjects, helping Canadians understand the news in a way that rises above increasing polarization,” said Nima Rajan, Senior Anchor of Forum Daily News. “The News Forum includes in-depth stories that ask inquisitive questions, allowing viewers to weigh information from multiple sides before making up their own minds.”

About The News Forum
TNF believes people whose worldviews are progressive, conservative, or in between should feel welcome to present, challenge, and be challenged in a manner consistent with respect for the human right of freedom of expression.

TNF is a proud subscriber to the Canadian Press/AP as a significant source of breaking news from across Canada and around the world.

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CRTC licenses The News Forum for National News Mandatory Distribution