PSYC Explores the Boundaries of Psychedelics and Society with New Video Series, “PSYC Taboo”

LAS VEGAS, NV, April 27, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- PSYC Corporation (OTC Pink Market: PSYC) (“PSYC”, “PSYC Corp” or the “Company”), parent company to Spotlight Media Corporation (“SMC” or the “wholly owned subsidiary”), a multimedia leader for all things psychedelics including the emerging medicinal psychedelics market sector, is pleased to announce the premiere of its new independently produced video series “PSYC Taboo” which premieres on Friday, April 28, 2023, via Psychedelic Spotlight and will provide a bold and informative glimpse into a variety of carefully selected topics highlighting the growing integration of psychedelics into the lives of everyday people across society. 

Episode 1, titled “Pleasure Is Your Divine Right”, will introduce viewers to a topic often considered “taboo” by many throughout the mainstream media and society: sex and psychedelics. 

Spotlighted in this episode is the personal testimony and experiences of a Type 1 Diabetic who explains how they were introduced to a new world of heightened pleasure through the integration of psychedelics into their sexual life. The episode also features informative commentary from respected experts within the psychedelics community such as Lauren Taus, a licensed psychotherapist practicing Ketamine-assisted Psychotherapy in Los Angeles, Dr. David Tripp of Antioch University Los Angeles, and Nadège, a noted sex scholar and bestselling author. The episode also features comedic relief commentary from writer, comedian, and actor, Christian Cintron. 

According to the Company, plans are for additional episodes of this season of PSYC Taboo to explore other fascinating areas where sex and psychedelics are converging during a time in which a growing number of individuals throughout society are venturing into the exploration of psychedelics. The intent is for future seasons to take a deep dive into other “beneath the surface” topics that have become increasingly relevant within the growing community of psychedelics and psychedelic-assisted therapy and for the show to lend to the authority PSYC is continuing to develop in this sector through Psychedelic Spotlight. 

“The genesis of PSYC Taboo started with acknowledging just how complex and diverse the psychedelics community is and has always been,” said PSYC CEO and PSYC Taboo Executive Producer, David Flores. “For better or worse, the biotech and drug development side of this sector has been at the forefront, from a public eye perspective, of the psychedelics movement in recent years. However, in our opinion it does not offer a complete representation of what is currently happening within a society that is becoming increasingly open to the exploration of psychedelics. Our goal with PSYC Taboo is to take people on a journey that is every bit as entertaining and candid as it is informative and inspiring and that spotlights a side of psychedelic exploration that is not often covered by today’s media. The topics and conversations may be uncomfortable to some, but we believe they are things that a lot of people out there are already talking about behind closed doors or are at the very least curious about. At the end of the day, we believe that if we are going to succeed in responsibly removing the stigma that has been tied to psychedelics for decades, we need to be able to normalize conversations that go well beyond their potential outside of just a medical context.”

PSYC Taboo Director, Matthew Dunehoo, added the following: “We speak of the ways in which the emerging "psychedelics industry" can positively differentiate itself from other societal and industrial movements. At PSYC we've always believed that key to making good on this potential will be a clear and candid discourse on the myriad topics raised by humanity seeking a greater understanding and implementation of psychedelic compounds. We believe that the psychedelic experience is all about the transmission of knowledge and integration of new insights. In this series, we're spotlighting topics often considered taboo, where candid discourse is needed for growth and healing, through a psychedelic lens.”

Mr. Flores concluded with, “PSYC takes the role and responsibility we are developing as a media authority in this sector of psychedelics very seriously. We are not clinical experts. Those are the doctors, scientists, and researchers that are dedicated to studying these compounds. If anything, we here at PSYC aspire to become experts in informative and entertaining storytelling and in presenting the news and information that is shaping this emerging sector. That, in our opinion, is the ultimate role of any media outlet. And at the end of the day, through the diverse pillars we are developing through Psychedelic Spotlight, PSYC Taboo, and Bonfire, we hope to continue carving out a trustworthy brand identity within this space unlike any other.”

Click here to view the trailer for Episode 1 of PSYC Taboo

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