BTSE deploys Fireblocks’ custody solutions to augment digital asset management

White label clients will enjoy the enhanced security infrastructure, policy management tools and NFT custody solutions of Fireblocks

ROAD TOWN, British Virgin Islands, April 27, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- BTSE, a leading digital asset exchange, today announced that it has collaborated with the digital asset custody and transfer technology provider, Fireblocks, harnessing its MPC-based technology solutions to manage digital assets securely and efficiently.

The Fireblocks integration will bring several benefits to BTSE’s retail users and white label clients. The customers of BTSE’s white label crypto exchange business will now have the option of leveraging Fireblocks’ MPC and policy management tools on top of the exchange’s current white label offerings. The deployment assures them of segregated wallets that come with multi-user approvals, ensuring unparalleled security.

The Fireblocks solutions effectively reduce the operational burden of managing multiple wallets, enabling quick and easy execution of transactions. BTSE’s white label clients stand to benefit from an added layer of security to their funds, improved transaction processing speed and efficiency, and a better user experience, which can increase customer trust and loyalty.

Fireblocks' battle-tested, enterprise grade security technology eliminates potential compromise from both external hackers and insiders. Its MPC solution has a private key protection layer that allows private keys to be split into several parts and distributed across different nodes to ensure that there is no single point of failure.

In addition to MPC solutions, BTSE’s white label customers and NFT Marketplace clients can benefit from the Fireblocks deployment via:

  • Policy management features - Enabling treasury management of digital assets, which can be particularly useful when BTSE’s white label customers apply for licenses;
  • NFT custody solution - Enabling seamless management of digital assets by supporting all common NFT token standards, such as ETH-ERC1155, ETH-ERC998, BSC-ERC721, BSC-ERC1155, Matic-ERC721, and Matic-ERC1155;
  • Insurance policy - Safeguarding digital assets in storage and transfer against the risk of theft resulting from cyberattacks and internal fraud.

Fireblocks is a trusted name in the industry, having earned SOC 2 Type II certification, and is regularly pen tested by ComSec and NCC Group. Additionally, Fireblocks holds ISO certifications in Security (ISO 27001), Cloud (ISO 27017), and Privacy (ISO 27018), demonstrating its commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.

BTSE Enterprise Solutions, BTSE’s white label business, is a renowned provider of crypto business solutions, and the deployment of Fireblocks' secure infrastructure will make it even more attractive to potential partners. With the addition of Fireblocks' secure infrastructure, BTSE's white label partners can provide their clients with an even faster and yet more secure settlement cycle for high-volume trading.

White label offerings are increasingly popular in the digital asset space, as they allow businesses to offer customized solutions to their clients without having to build their own infrastructure from scratch, accelerating their go-to-market strategy.

“Customer protection and the security of users’ digital assets are at the heart of our business. With a holistic approach to crypto management, the Fireblocks integration is invaluable for our white label business. We are excited to bring our clients new enterprise-grade experiences by providing them with a trusted infrastructure,” said Yew Chong Quak, Chief Technology Officer of BTSE.

Stephen Richardson, Head of APAC and SVP of Financial Markets at Fireblocks, said, “It is extremely crucial that centralized exchanges take security seriously to ensure that clients’ digital assets are safeguarded at all times, which is why we are excited to be working with BTSE to provide our enterprise-grade, multi-layer security solution. As the go-to exchange for all things crypto, the Fireblocks integration demonstrates BTSE’s commitment to security, speed and scalability.”

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