Metagenomic Global Market Report to 2027: New Approach to Diagnostics Drives Growth


Dublin, May 01, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The "Metagenomic Markets: Global Market Analysis with Forecasts by Applications, Technologies, Product and User. With Executive and Consultant Guides. 2023 to 2027" report has been added to's offering.

This report looks at the technology, the applications, the users and the types of products that will be sold. The report includes detailed breakouts for 14 countries and 5 regions.

Unlimited growth potential? A Game Changer? It is not an exaggeration. Metagenomic assays could change the way medical treatment is done. Learn all about it in this new research report.

The role of genetics in health and disease is just now being understood. This new knowledge, combined with lower costs is driving a new type of genetic testing. Metagenomic Testing looks at all the genetic material in a sample. In the process, it learns about infection, cancer, antimicrobial resistance, and the patient genome. It's a whole new approach. Chronic infection?

Find out the real culprits. Secrets of the microbiome and gut health? Metagenomics has the answers. In everything from human medical treatment to wastewater studies, this new approach is creating startling answers. And finding new kinds of organisms and pathogens in the process. Already some minor medical miracles have been accomplished.

Find out about the technology in readily understood terms that explain the jargon. What are the issues? Find the opportunities and the pitfalls. Understand growth expectations and the ultimate market forecasts for the next five years.

Make investment decisions and valuations with confidence using the latest data.

Key Topics Covered:

1 Market Guides
1.1 Strategic Situation Analysis
1.2 Guide for Executives and Business Development Staff
1.3 Guide for Management Consultants and Investment Advisors

2 Introduction and Market Definition
2.1 What is Metagenomics?
2.2 Market Definition
2.2.1 Revenue Market Size
2.2.2 Clinical
2.2.3 Microbiome
2.2.4 Agricultural
2.2.5 Environmental & Other
2.3 Methodology
2.3.1 Methodology
2.3.2 Sources
2.3.3 Authors
2.4 Perspective: Healthcare and the IVD Industry
2.4.1 Global Healthcare Spending
2.4.2 Spending on Diagnostics
2.4.3 Important Role of Insurance for Diagnostics
2.5 Chromosomes, Genes and Epigenetics
2.5.1 Chromosomes
2.5.2 Genes
2.5.3 Epigenetics

3 Market Overview
3.1 Players in a Dynamic Market
3.1.1 Academic Research Lab
3.1.2 Diagnostic Test Developer
3.1.3 Instrumentation Supplier
3.1.4 Chemical/Reagent Supplier
3.1.5 Pathology Supplier
3.1.6 Independent Clinical Laboratory
3.1.7 Public National/Regional Laboratory
3.1.8 Hospital Laboratory
3.1.9 Physicians Office Lab (POLS)
3.1.10 Audit Body
3.1.11 Certification Body.
3.2 Metagenomics Applications
3.2.1 Clinical Metagenomics
3.2.2 Diagnostic Use
3.2.3 Syndromic Multiplex vs. Metagenomic Testing
3.2.4 Antimicrobial Resistance
3.2.5 Managing the Microbiome
3.2.6 Public Health Use
3.3 Clinical Industry Structure
3.3.1 Hospital's Testing Share
3.3.2 Economies of Scale
3.3.3 Hospital vs. Central Lab
3.3.4 Physician Office Lab's
3.3.5 Physician's and POCT

4 Market Trends
4.1 Factors Driving Growth
4.1.1 A New Approach to Diagnostics
4.1.2 The Aging Effect
4.1.3 The Known and the Unknown
4.1.4 A Research Bonanza
4.2 Factors Limiting Growth
4.2.1 Increased Competition Lowers Price
4.2.2 Lower Costs
4.2.3 Testing usage analysis curtailing growth
4.2.4 Wellness has a downside
4.3 Instrumentation, Automation and Diagnostic Trends
4.3.1 Traditional Automation and Centralization
4.3.2 The New Automation, Decentralization and Point of Care
4.3.3 Instruments Key to Market Share
4.3.4 Bioinformatics Plays a Role
4.3.5 PCR Takes Command
4.3.6 Next Generation Sequencing Fuels a Revolution
4.3.7 NGS Impact on Pricing
4.3.8 Whole Genome Sequencing, A Brave New World
4.3.9 Companion Diagnostics Blurs Diagnosis and Treatment
4.3.10 Shifting Role of Diagnostics

5 Metagenomics Recent Developments
5.1 Recent Developments
5.1.1 Importance of This Section
5.1.2 How to Use This Section
5.2 Metagenomics Could be a Game-changer
5.3 Model Predicts Millions of Metagenomic Proteins
5.4 Microbiome Analysis May Yield False Results
5.5 Gut microbiome at center of Parkinson's disease
5.6 MicroGenDx, Evvy Partner for Metagenomic Test
5.7 Diagnostic accuracy of metagenomic NGS
5.8 Metagenomics implicates the gut microbiome
5.9 Charities Award $2M for Metagenomic Pathogen Research
5.10 Cost-effective metagenomic HiFi sequencing
5.11 Microbiome Links Uncovered
5.12 Metagenomi Named an Endpoints 1 Winner
5.13 Biotia Raises $8M in Series A Financing

6 Profiles of Key Companies
6.1 Arc Bio
6.2 BaseClear
6.3 BGI Genomics Co. Ltd
6.4 Biome Makers
6.5 bioMerieux Diagnostics
6.6 Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc.
6.7 CosmosID
6.8 Element Biosciences
6.9 Fusion Genomics
6.10 Helix OpCo
6.11 Illumina
6.12 Institute for Metagenomics
6.13 Karius
6.14 Metabiomics Corp
6.15 Metagenomi
6.16 MetaSUB International Consortium
6.17 Microbiome Insights
6.18 MicroGenDx
6.19 Molecular Stethoscope
6.20 Norgen Biotek Corp.
6.21 Novogene Bioinformatics Technology Co., Ltd.
6.22 One Codex
6.23 OraSure Technologies
6.24 Oxford Nanopore Technologies
6.25 Pacific Biosciences
6.26 PathoQuest S.A.
6.27 Perkin Elmer
6.28 Promega
6.29 Qiagen
6.30 Second Genome
6.31 Siemens Healthineers
6.32 Sysmex
6.33 Takara Bio
6.34 Ultima Genomics
6.35 Zymo Research Corp

7 Global Market Size
7.1 Global Market by Country
7.1.1 Table - Global Market by Country
7.1.2 Chart - Country Market Shares
7.2 Global Market by Application
7.3 Global Market by Technology
7.4 Global Market by Product
7.5 Global Market by User

8 Market Sizes by Application
8.1 Clinical Market
8.2 Microbiome Market
8.3 Agriculture Market
8.4 Industrial & Other Market

9 Market Sizes by Technology
9.1 6srRNA Market
9.2 Shotgun Market
9.3 WGS Market
9.4 Other Technology Market

10 Market Sizes by Product
10.1 Instruments Market
10.2 Reagents and Kits Market
10.3 Software Market
10.4 Services Market

11 Market Sizes by User
11.1 Academic Market
11.2 Clinical Market
11.3 Pharmaceutical Market
11.4 Other User Market

12 Appendices

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