Counslr Partners with Tri-Star Corporation to Support On-Demand, Mental Health Care

Free 24/7/365 Digital Mental Health Support is Now Available to Address Growing Industry Concerns

NEW YORK, NY, May 02, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Counslr, a platform providing unlimited access to text-based mental health support with licensed counselors via mobile app, today announced its partnership with Manhattan-based Tri-Star Construction Corporation. The partnership intends to better support the mental health of employees in construction. Tri-Star’s employees will have a direct connection to on-demand and scheduled access to licensed mental health professionals, 24/7/365. The partnership is especially timely given growing mental health concerns arising in the construction industry.

“While this business can be a stressful one, being able to better serve our clients, architects, subcontractors and vendors by having access to licensed mental health professionals is key to helping us maintain our high standard of service,” said Douglas Dupas, Vice President/Dir. of Operations at Tri-Star. “One of our core values is dedicated teamwork and having such a helpful resource like Counslr at our disposal helps the entire team stay on top of their game.” 

Research shows that construction work ranks second highest in suicide rates among major industries. According to a study conducted by the CIRP (Construction Industry Rehabilitation Plan), 83% of construction workers have struggled with mental health issues although only a third said they would communicate this to their employers. Burnout is also common among both construction employees and employers.
“Mental health and overall well-being have become increasingly high priorities for organizations across various industries, indicating more than ever that mental health knows no boundaries. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you do for a living. Mental health impacts all of us,” said Josh Liss, CEO of Counslr. “This rings even more true for those in the construction business – from site workers to management, we want to provide a different level of support for anyone who may be impacted by stressors in their lives, especially by their line of work.”

Counslr is the only mental health support app offering truly unlimited access to licensed mental health professionals around the clock, that is completely free to end users.

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Counslr, a 24/7 text-based mental health support platform, enables users to engage in unlimited live text sessions with licensed mental health professionals from the convenience of their mobile phone. Built to help leaders more effectively support their people and make prioritizing mental health easy for everyone, Counslr is delivering on their mission to provide accessible mental health services that improve access, reduce stigma, and eliminate costs. The Counslr mobile app is available on iOS and Android. To learn more about Counslr and its services, visit


Counslr announced its partnership with Manhattan-based Tri-Star Construction Corporation Counslr announced its partnership with Manhattan-based Tri-Star Construction Corporation

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