Fuse and Consortium Partners Demonstrate Target Recognition Capabilities at USSOCOM TE 23-2

WASHINGTON, May 02, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Fuse Integration, a warfighter-focused engineering and design firm, announced that, as part of the Team SIRENS SONG consortium, it demonstrated unique target recognition capabilities at the U.S. Special Operation Command’s Technical Experimentation 23-2. With a goal of giving warfighters hands-on access to reconnaissance-related technologies, TE 23-2 convened over 400 invited representatives from industry, academia and government for a week of exploration in March. Team SIRENS SONG demonstrated how it will deliver precise, automated target recognition with high confidence at machine speed.

“As conflict becomes increasingly waged through the cyber domain, the ability to utilize high-quality data becomes paramount in shortening the decision-making cycle,” said Sumner Lee, CEO of Fuse. “It was an honor to participate in TE 23-2, supporting USSOCOM’s search for next-gen technologies to deliver strategic advantages to our special operation forces.”

Team SIRENS SONG, which includes Dynamic Systems Inc., Rebellion Defense, Phelps2020, Sensepoint-ai (formerly Blender Logic) and Fuse, showcased its solution to advance target recognition, network the operational environment and accelerate data-informed decision-making for U.S. joint and special operators. The consortium is developing a solution to accelerate target detection, classification, tracking and dynamic task management across a heterogeneous community of platforms (manned and unmanned) and sensors. These technologies will heighten a warfighter’s ability to sense, make sense of the operational environment and act – all on a single platform, with the potential to extend that capability to a community of manned and unmanned platforms.

“Our team’s goal is to provide the warfighter greater awareness, faster, to enable better and more fluid decision-making,” said Rob Buzby, Team SIRENS SONG lead and account manager at Dynamic Systems Inc.

At TE 23-2, Fuse detailed its tactical edge networking architecture and CORE® virtualized network system. It also displayed its Tactical Technologies Toolset and utilized virtual network testbed capability to demonstrate data flows across the network.

About Fuse Integration

Fuse is a warfighter-focused engineering and design firm providing innovative communications, networking and computing solutions for defense customers. The company’s virtualized network systems, tactical edge network and airborne networking gateway products improve the sharing of information, video, text and voice among warfighters throughout airborne, maritime and ground environments. Fuse is a service-disabled veteran-owned small business with headquarters in San Diego and a corporate office in Washington, D.C. www.fuseintegration.com


Joyce Bosc (for Fuse Integration)