BST Global Announces AEC Industry’s First Suite of AI-Powered Project Intelligence™ Solutions

Tampa, FL, USA, May 02, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- BST Global, a project-based ERP and work management solutions provider serving the world’s leading architecture, engineering and consultancy firms, unveiled the industry’s first suite of AI-powered project intelligence™ solutions during a live event titled “Journey to Project Intelligence™ 2023,” held on April 25, 2023. During the event, BST Global leadership presented live demos of the company’s newest offerings: BST Insights, Resource Management powered by Audere, BST11 Work Management and BST11 ERP.  

Chief Executive Officer Javier A. Baldor shared that the company had first unveiled its vision for BST Global and the AEC industry two years ago at the inaugural “Journey to Project Intelligence™” event. At that time, they envisioned a consumer-grade, smart and collaborative solution designed by project managers specifically for project managers. It would offer AEC firms an intuitive, project-based system infused with AI and machine learning for predictive insights. Since that event in 2021, BST Global’s vision has become a reality with the development of BST11 ERP, but the company didn’t stop there. Based on market feedback, BST Global expanded its vision to include offerings that complement other ERP systems like Deltek, Oracle and SAP. 

“We want to revolutionize the way projects and people are managed for the entire AEC industry,” Baldor said. “What we have designed and created is not only for BST Global clients leveraging our ERP platform, but for everyone across the industry, regardless of what ERP system they currently use.”

Baldor then unveiled the new suite of AI-powered project intelligence™ solutions:

  • BST Insights: Like Waze GPS, but for projects, BST Insights tracks 35+ digital signals from current ERP data, and applies AI and machine learning to predict project outcomes with more than 95% accuracy. This lets project managers easily understand which factors are influencing their projects, and course-correct to positively impact profitability.
  • Resource Management: Get out of spreadsheets and take team intelligence to the next level. BST Global’s resource management solution is powered by Audere, a smart solution designed for the modern workforce. Part of the BST Global family, Audere is a powerful SaaS tool that lets teams assign, balance and share work in an intuitive, collaborative experience. In the future, this solution will be used in conjunction with a firm’s existing ERP solution.  
  • BST11 Work Management: Say “goodbye” to Excel and “hello” to BST11 Work Management, the world’s first consumer-grade project and resource management solution. This solution complements a firm’s current financial-based ERP investment with the power of BST Global’s work management solution for better project and resource optimization and outcomes.
  • BST11 ERP: BST Global’s newest ERP is the industry’s first consumer-grade, project-driven and collaborative ERP solution. Firms can now gain a live 360° view of all aspects of their business — projects, people, performance and more — to guide project decisions.   

Chief Product Officer Debbie Preacher then took the stage to kick off the live demonstrations, saying “Today, our vision becomes reality — your reality. Today, we begin to revolutionize the way your project leaders and teams initiate, execute and manage their projects and resources going forward.”

Preacher and BST Global experts showed audiences how the day-to-day functions of project managers, people managers, project directors, team members, project accountants and their firms would be positively impacted by these new offerings. 

Some of the major product highlights featured during the robust live demos included:

  • Simple, intuitive design that is easy to navigate
  • Anytime availability, so teams can access work from anywhere and on any device
  • Convenient team collaboration with project and resource visibility 
  • Quick project setup and staffing capabilities 
  • Accurate project outcome predictions 30 days in advance through AI and machine learning 
  • Easy access to personalize the work experience with setting controls such as light and dark modes
  • Advanced financial capabilities for ERP customers 

The new products will be available to firms starting July 14, 2023. Firms interested should secure their spot on the BST Global product “Trailblazer” list by preordering here

To read more about the “Journey to Project Intelligence™ 2023” event or to watch the full video recording, visit the recap page here

BST Global designs, develops and deploys the AEC industry’s first suite of AI-powered project intelligence™ solutions. Beyond our flagship ERP offering, we provide work management, predictive insights and resource management solutions to complement a firm’s existing ERP. More than 120,000 architects, engineers and consultants in 65 countries across six continents rely on BST Global’s solutions each day to successfully manage their projects, resources, finances and client relationships. With unrivaled industry knowledge, BST Global serves as a trusted partner to its loyal clients and remains at the forefront of innovation. For more information, visit


Journey to Project Intelligence™ 2023

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