Details Emerging in Puppy Death Case Pointing to Roommate and His Long-Time Friend as Real Killers, according to the Law Offices of Donald P. Day

Naples, Fla., May 02, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- New information has come to light in the case of Robert Garon, a Naples resident falsely accused in the death of his beloved puppy, Buzz Lightyear, in August 2022. Following depositions with key witnesses, Garon’s counsel has released new details about the incident, which expose flaws in law enforcement’s procedures at the scene, along with indicators suggesting who the real culprits are — Garon’s roommate, Daniel Valente, and his long-time friend from New Jersey, Jacob Miller, who has a criminal record.

Counsel is unable to reveal all the details at this time - showing the roommate and his friend not only committed this act of animal cruelty but then purposely pointed the finger at Garon to avoid responsibility - but counsel is releasing these alarming facts.

• According to counsel, Miller has multiple felony convictions for burglary and theft.

• According to counsel, the arresting officer, Megan Noel, lied in her police report stating that Garon’s girlfriend gave a sworn statement to her. This never happened. Additionally, counsel says, in her report, the arresting officer wrote that all witnesses stated that this is the second dog the suspect killed in the last five months. However, in depositions, the officer confessed, as did roommate Valente and pal Miller, that there was no evidence to support this false claim.

• According to counsel, Police also failed to speak with two other key witnesses that spent time with roommate Daniel Valente and his friend, Jacob Miller that evening. Those witnesses also reportedly interacted with Garon that night.

• According to counsel, Miller stated in his deposition that he is an animal lover, yet neither he nor Valente called the police or attempted to aid Buzz that night, even though they claimed that “Bobby was beating Buzz to death.” Instead, they went out to dinner and drinks with friends, as if it was any other night.

Garon entered a not-guilty plea on September 6, 2022. He passed an independent polygraph test administered by John Hisler, who has 30 years of experience in law enforcement and works as an independent polygraph examiner. Garon’s trial is set for July 17, 2023. Hisler was quoted as saying: “I am confident that Robert Garon had absolutely nothing to do with the death of his dog Buzz”. 

According to Day, on the night of the incident, Garon left Buzz home for just two hours, and when he returned, Buzz was in distress. Valente and Miller were home with Buzz in the apartment while Garon was gone. Garon rushed Buzz to the emergency vet, but it was too late to save him. Garon and his girlfriend were devastated by the loss of their beloved Buzz, whom they referred to as their “son.”

“Robert and his family are lifelong animal owners who have always treated their animals with an abundance of love, attention, and care, proven by years of documented veterinary visits,” said Garon’s attorney. Garon, a true animal lover, has also volunteered for The Humane Society. “We are looking forward to clearing Robert’s name.”

“My son not only lost his puppy, but his whole life has been destroyed by these false allegations. It’s a nightmare that just never stops,” said Suzi Garon. “I am just so grateful the truth is starting to emerge.”


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