Sunlight Solutions Announces New Partnership with Finovox

The combined expertise of Sunlight and Finovox will help insurance organizations enhance security and prevent fraud throughout the entire ecosystem

MINNEAPOLIS, May 02, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Sunlight Solutions, a cloud-native provider of core administration technology and innovative insurtech services, is pleased to announce a new partnership with Finovox, a French software editor specializing in fake document detection.

“Sunlight Solutions and Finovox are partnering to provide Sunlight's clients with a more comprehensive solution for insurers which addresses the critical issue of fraud detection,” said Florence Lamour, CEO for Sunlight in France. “This collaboration will combine Finovox's advanced solution with Sunlight's comprehensive system, giving insurers a modern, secure tool for managing contracts and claims. Finovox's solution was selected for its relevance to the insurance market and its ease of integration with Sunlight's open system. The demands of our insurer clients and market pressure were crucial factors in the choice to find the right global fraud detection partner.”

Through this partnership, Finovox and Sunlight are taking steps to secure the insurance market by addressing the growing issue of document fraud, which saw a rise in reported cases from 11 percent to 20 percent in 2022, according to Finovox’s own data. Finovox's solution combines algorithms to analyze 100 percent of digital documents, such as invoices, identity documents, proofs of address, and Certificates of Incorporation, instantly, regardless of original format or native language.

Additionally, Sunlight offers an innovative SaaS solution for automating the management of insurance business operations, including policy management, billing, claim management, customer relationship management (CRM), and forms. This partnership will give Sunlight’s customers direct access to Finovox's software through integration with back-end systems, providing a turnkey offer that saves time and increases efficiency. This combination will allow Sunlight insurance customers to perform key administrative tasks and document checks through a single interface.

“We are thrilled to partner with Sunlight Solutions' dynamic and professional team to offer a unique, turnkey product to all insurers,” said Marc de Beaucorps, CEO of Finovox. ”In today's insurance industry, integrating technologies, such as blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI), is crucial to providing high-performance products and services that meet policyholders' demands, particularly for traditional players in the market. Joining forces with Sunlight Solutions is also a significant opportunity for Finovox, as it provides a gateway to the U.S. insurance market.”

Finovox and Sunlight Solutions are leveraging innovation to address the needs of the insurance industry through flexibility, reliability, data analysis, customer service modernization, and fraud detection. Through this partnership, Sunlight is embracing disruptive technologies, such as Finovox's solution, to offer fully customized services to clients.

About Sunlight Solutions (Sunlight)
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About Finovox
Founded in 2019 by Marc de Beaucorps, Théophile du Portal, and Pierre-Alexis Gouzien, three experts in anti-fraud development, Finovox is a start-up that has developed a simple and secure software solution capable of detecting fake documents. Using its technology, Finovox is able to reduce document fraud by six times. The start-up has clients that include large corporations such as Bouygues Telecom, as well as mid-sized companies like iCover, neo-insurance companies, like Luko and Parachut, and small businesses and start-ups such as Codetek, Alvysion, and Goodliz. For more information, visit:

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