Seed Talent Announces Innovative Data-Driven Learning™

Cannabis Technology Company Releases Novel Patent-Pending Tool

CHICAGO, May 03, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Seed Talent, the cannabis industry's leading employee enablement platform, announced today the release of its proprietary, patent-pending Data-Driven Learning™ (DDL) tool. For the first time, companies can leverage their real-time data to improve their workforce and obtain measurable ROI for employee development initiatives.

Seed's novel technology leverages the data that businesses are already collecting, such as Point of Sale or manufacturing data, to identify employees that are underperforming and automatically deliver them support.

Of this latest release, CEO Kurt Kaufmann said, "We believe that this technology is a paradigm shift in the way companies can support high-volume workforces to drive performance. Eighty percent (80%) of data collected by companies is never utilized. We believe there is a massive opportunity to put that data to work to support a company's most important asset, its people."

Fresh off the heels of a successful software trial with one of the top cannabis retailers in the nation, Seed is thrilled to note the results have far surpassed expectations. "We’re excited to work with Seed Talent on this initiative as supporting our workforce in this fast-paced industry is core to our mission. The results more than spoke for themselves. We saw lifts in both performance and revenue with minimal effort from our leadership teams," says Kevin Bethyo, VP of Retail for Verano, a cannabis industry leader.

"Cannabis provides a unique opportunity to prove out new approaches to age-old challenges before taking things to the mass market," says Kaufmann.

DDL uses data analytics to identify areas for improvement and automatically assigns relevant training content to employees. It's designed to improve workforce performance, strengthen revenue opportunities, and increase profitability while providing educational support to the employees themselves so that all parties win together. Seed Talent is more than just training; it's employee enablement, maximizing business outcomes by harnessing the data you already collect. Schedule a demo today!

About Seed Talent: Seed Talent operates in more than 1,200 dispensaries across 23 states, providing unparalleled access to education and skill-building resources for cannabis professionals, brands & retailers. Founded in 2020, Seed Talent's mission centers on building mutual prosperity between employers and employees.

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