Hexagon launches Hexagon Agility FleetCare, an extended aftermarket offering at ACT Expo

Costa Mesa, CA, May 03, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Transportation is responsible for 20% of global greenhouse gas emissions, and there is a strong need to accelerate the adoption of clean fuels in transportation. Over the past two decades, Hexagon Agility has spearheaded the use of compressed (renewable) natural gas in the transportation sector. Today, the Hexagon Group offers the broadest range of clean fuel solutions for commercial vehicles and gaseous energy transportation.

Having put over 70,000 vehicles on the road, Hexagon Agility sees the need for a step-change in after-sales service support in the industry.

“Maintaining and servicing a clean fuel vehicle must be as easy, if not easier than for vehicles powered by traditional fuels,” says Eric Bippus, EVP Sales and Systems Development. “Our new offering represents a fundamental shift in aftersales services.”

Breathe easy with Hexagon Agility FleetCare

Four pillars define Hexagon Agility FleetCare’s comprehensive total life cycle service portfolio:  

  • Technical Support Center: Service specialists exclusive to clean fuel vehicles; experts with an average of 30+ years’ experience
  • Technical Training Academy: Custom training to meet specific fleet maintenance and driver needs
  • Mobile Field Service: Comprehensive clean fuel service with total lifecycle solutions, field specialists are strategically located to support fleets
  • Hexagon Agility Genuine Parts: Quality OEM replacement parts; when you see the Hexagon Agility Genuine Parts brand, you are getting OEM quality replacement 

Introducing Hexagon Agility’s extended aftermarket offering

Hexagon Agility’s fuel systems have a useful life of 20 years. Typically, CNG fleets will retire vehicles long before the end-of-life of the fuel system. To leverage its full lifespan, Hexagon Agility is introducing an extended aftermarket offering Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) program. The CPO program will provide a thorough factory inspection using proprietary technology. It includes a re-certification of the fuel system to install on new trucks for the secondary market - or refurbish for same fleet, improving sustainability and providing lower total cost of ownership.

New Eastern region facility for clean fuel fleets

A new Hexagon Agility FleetCare facility, strategically located near OEMs and Hexagon Agility’s Salisbury, NC plant is scheduled to open in June 2023.

Hexagon Agility FleetCare is the only aftermarket service solely dedicated to clean fuel fleets, assisting them in achieving higher uptime and lower cost of ownership.

“Hexagon Agility’s new 40,000 sq ft facility will house parts, service, and installation operations to support the expansion of Hexagon Agility FleetCare total lifecycle portfolio. The facility will serve as the East Coast warehouse location with Hexagon Agility’s Genuine Parts also available at a “Will Call” counter. Natural gas fuel system refurbishment and service will also be available, and the facility will serve as a staging location for Eastern Region remote field service technicians,” says Brad Garner, SVP Hexagon Agility FleetCare.

For more information, or to schedule an interview with Eric Bippus or Brad Garner, please contact:

Karen Romer, SVP Communications, Hexagon Composites ASA
Telephone: +47 950 74 950 | karen.romer@hexagongroup.com

Jelena Rowe, Senior Manager, Marketing & Communication, Hexagon Agility
Telephone: +1 310 872 0535 | jelena.rowe@hexagonagility.com

About Hexagon Agility

Hexagon Agility, a business of Hexagon Composites, is a leading global provider of clean fuel solutions for commercial vehicles and gas transportation. Its product offerings include (renewable) natural (renewable) gas storage and distribution systems, Type 4 composite natural gas cylinders, propane, and (renewable) natural gas fuel systems. These products transport clean gaseous fuels and enable vehicles to reduce emissions while saving operating costs.

Learn more at hexagonagility.com and follow @HexagonAgility on Twitter and LinkedIn.

About Hexagon Group

Hexagon delivers safe and innovative solutions for a cleaner energy future. Our solutions enable storage, transportation, and conversion to clean energy in a wide range of mobility, industrial and consumer applications.

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