Pharmafusion Launches New Tableau Accelerator for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Using Pharmafusion’s new Tableau accelerator, the pharma industry can now unlock insights and context from pharmaceutical data

EAST NORRITON, Pa., May 04, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Pharmafusion today announced a new Tableau accelerator, a ready-to-deploy solution to help solve the industry’s most critical problems with data. Pharmafusion’s onboarding allows pharmaceutical companies to quickly make use of Tableau’s data visualizations to unlock insights and boost revenue.

Pharmaceutical companies often receive a lot of raw data when working with data analytics providers. While collecting data is easy, the problem in pharmaceutical analytics is often interpreting that data. 

The multi-award-winning Pharmafusion platform empowers employees across all company levels with immediate access to data insights, such as pharmacy availability and managed care coverage.

Using the Tableau Accelerator, customers can quickly onboard patients and produce insights resulting in more informed business decision-making. This leads to increased patient safety, enhanced efficiencies, and improved patient outcomes.

“Pharmafusion is focused on providing valuable insights rather than just analytics. Our platform leverages nearly 100 unique pharmaceutical data sets, is easy to set up and onboards pharmaceutical clients with Tableau easier and faster,” said Jonathan Retano, CEO of Pharmafusion. “While many companies can gather data, our cloud-based solution goes further and proactively provides data analytical insights that add context, simplify reporting and help drive sales and business decisions.”

Companies currently using the Pharmafusion platform are saving valuable time with the convenience of having one login to access all the datasets they need to make informed decisions. Combining Pharmafusion’s end-to-end data analytics platform with Tableau enables users to quickly take advantage of the Tableau data visualizations. Pharmafusion's customers have employees from all levels, from the sales team to the C-level, using the same platform to optimize outcomes for their companies.

More information on Pharmafusion and the Pharmafusion360° platform can be found at

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About Pharmafusion

Fusing more than 100 pharma industry and company data sets with unique pharmaceutical expertise, Pharmafusion streamlines pharma data analytics. The Pennsylvania-based pharma data analytics company’s unique, hassle-free cloud platform proactively provides insights and perspectives into the pharmaceutical industry based on a comprehensive, 360-degree view of the industry and each client's unique business needs. With clients spanning emerging and top 20 global pharma, medical billing and life science consulting, Pharmafusion delivers the best-in-class analytics and insights organizations need to drive more informed decision-making. For more information, please visit


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