Lensmart Launches New Glasses Collection For Mother’s Day

Retailers are planning for their new sales with the arriving Mother's Day. Lensmart, a emerging glasses brand, has launched the new glasses collection for Mother's Day. Customers can get other frames with up to 50% off as they buy a pair of glasses.

New York, May 08, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Lensmart Mother's Day sale is comprised of flash sale, best sellers, sunglasses, new arrivals, and accessories. Starting at $6.95, diverse styles of glasses at affordable prices are available for everyone. From classic style to modern ones, a pair of glasses at such time could be one of the signs carrying love to the beloved ones. Just like the functions of glasses, they could help one see clearly as well as make one’s outfits. In addition to prescription eyeglasses, the brand has also released new products such as sunglasses as the summertime is coming. Being both functional and aesthetic, sunglasses are suitable eyewear and accessories to protect one's eyes and spice up one's look.

"To make the purchasing experience more meaningful, our brand takes the quality of glasses as priority and strives to make sure that every process is perfect as much as possible," said by Jonny Smith, the CMO of Lensmart. In the coming of Mother’s Day, Lensmart spares no effort to support customers expressing love at such special time.

About Lensmart

Lensmart is a glasses brand striving to provide glasses on trend for customers online. Started with the aim of offering convenient experience of purchasing glasses online, the brand enjoys a wide variety of glasses to suit individuals’ unique needs and gives customers personalized shopping experience. Under the three commitment of Lensmart (What you see is what you get; Comfort with ergonomic designs; Flex with a style), the brand is not just to sell another pair of glasses but to add value and meaning to shopping experience. With its virtual Try-On tool and 365-day warranty covering clear defects in material and workmanship, customers are enable to enjoy the purchasing without worry.

For more information, please visit https://www.lensmartonline.com/.


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