Sushi Daily Launches ‘The Little Book of Sushi’ as Research Shows a Lack of Knowledge Stops a Third (39%) of People From Trying New Foods

LONDON, May 10, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Sushi Daily, Europe’s biggest fresh sushi kiosk brand, is launching a limited-edition book titled, ‘The Little Book of Sushi’.

This comes as new research reveals that over a third (39%) of people are hesitant to try new foods if they are unsure of what it is, and over one in 10 (11%) will pass on trying a new dish if they don’t know what it looks like.

People are particularly unversed in Asian cuisines, especially Japanese delicacies like sushi. Food dishes such as Maki (48%), Nigiri (47%) and Temaki (43%) are dishes people avoid simply due to their lack of knowledge, alongside other popular foods from Vietnamese culture like Bánh mì (47%) and Pho (37%).

There’s also the fear of embarrassment when ordering, with almost one in 10 (8%) of people researching foods before heading out to get to grips with the cuisine and restaurant of choice beforehand. A quarter (23%) of people also reveal that to help them face their fears, having an easy guide to understanding the food is something that would make them try something new.

To help people feel less confused and hesitant when faced with new foods, Sushi Daily has produced a vibrant coffee table book, ‘The Little Book of Sushi’. Through bright illustrations and easy to read descriptions of popular sushi products, it teaches people all they need to know about sushi when wining and dining their dates or eating with friends.

Talking about the research and ‘The Little Book of Sushi’, Romy Miller, Global Brand Director of Sushi Daily, said: “At Sushi Daily we are on a mission to make sushi accessible to everyone. This research shows that people often shy away from enjoying food that they love, in particular Asian food, because they don’t know what it’s called.”

“We wrote ‘The Little Book of Sushi’, an educational and fun guide to help people feel at ease with Japanese cuisine.”

The Little Book of Sushi’ launched as a limited-edition hard-copy book and a PDF version is available to download in English, French, Italian, German and Spanish for free via

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