StrataTech Education Group Debuts Season Four of Top Welder

Welding influencers compete for Miller® welder and receive full tuition scholarships to Tulsa Welding School or The Refrigeration School, Inc. to give away to followers

PHOENIX, Arizona, May 11, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- StrataTech Education Group, a leading operator of skilled trade schools and parent company of Tulsa Welding School (TWS) and The Refrigeration School, Inc. (RSI), is excited to announce the return of its popular Top Welder competition series for its fourth season. Hosted by Legendary Bull Rider and influencer Dale Brisby, Top Welder offers participants the opportunity to showcase their welding skills in a series of challenges for a chance to win a grand prize.

This season, four welding influencers - Richard Day, Shanen Aranmore, Timothy Luskin and Ernesto Lopez – will be paired with an instructor from Tulsa Welding School, Tulsa Welding School Jacksonville, Tulsa Welding School & Technology Center, and The Refrigeration School, Inc. to compete in three rounds of welding. In each round, contestants will be tasked with welding a different object and judged on their creativity, technical skill and overall presentation. At the end of the season, one lucky contestant will receive the grand prize of a welding machine from Miller Electric Mfg. LLC and the opportunity to become the next Top Welder. The runner ups will also be awarded with various items from Miller. Additionally, all four participating welding influencers will receive a full tuition scholarship to TWS or RSI to give away to their followers.

"We are thrilled to host Top Welder for a fourth season and to continue providing welders with a platform to hone their craft and pursue their dreams," said Mary Kelly, president and CEO of StrataTech. "This competition is an incredible opportunity for welders to showcase their skills, gain knowledge from highly experienced instructors, and have the opportunity to give away a full tuition scholarship to TWS or RSI to a future welding professional. We are looking forward to seeing who will come out on top this season and we expect the same excitement and energy as the last three!"

Top Welder season three winner and welding TikTok influencer, Saray Hernandez, recently generously donated her full tuition scholarship to TWS to Jada Foster, an incoming student at Tulsa Welding School & Technology Center in Houston. This scholarship will provide Jada with the opportunity to develop the skills and gain the knowledge it takes to become a professional welder.

“Being a contestant on Top Welder was an incredibly rewarding experience as I was able to gain new welding skills and put my own welding abilities to the test,” said Saray Hernadez. “I am truly humbled by the opportunity to give back to the welding industry and help someone else get their start in the field. I am eager to see the great things Jada will accomplish with this scholarship.”

TWS’s Top Welder competition has become a beloved event in the welding community due to the enthusiasm of the welders and viewers. To learn more about Top Welder and to watch the new season four episodes, visit, or


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Top Welder Season 4 Saray Hernadez & Jada Foster

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