Zyter|TruCare Appoints Jason Cole Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

Rockville, MD, May 15, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Zyter|TruCare™ is pleased to announce the appointment of strategy integrator, Jason Cole, as the company’s new executive vice president and chief operating officer.  Cole will report directly to Chief Executive Officer, Kevin Riley, and be responsible for driving enterprise performance overall and deepening the customer and employee-centric operating model.

Cole is an accomplished healthcare technology executive with over two decades of enterprise software development and delivery experience. Before joining Zyter|TruCare™, Cole was Salesforce’s Health and Life Sciences division Chief Technology Officer and Chief Operating Officer.  His prior experience includes senior leadership positions leading global workforces within General Electric, SAP, and Oracle.  A dynamic speaker, Cole is considered an expert voice on a range of topics including workplace automation, hybrid operating models, and the evolution in customer demand and digital transformation strategies.

 “It is with great pleasure that we announce the appointment of our new Chief Operating Officer,” expressed Riley. “Jason is a gifted leader who has a distinguished history of building global enterprise teams and delivering world-class healthcare enterprise solutions.”

Zyter|TruCare™ has been re-imagining the technological landscape using artificial intelligence and automated workflows within its value-based care enterprise solutions. “We are excited to leverage Jason’s knowledge and advance AI-driven solutions within our own processes.  He will use internal build capabilities to bolster our team’s effectiveness and ultimately bring these ideas and efficiencies to our customers.”

Scaling artificial intelligence driven workflows provides a competitive advantage in the market but must be supported with investment in people and processes to achieve full value.  “Our ability to leverage hybrid development models harnesses a global talent pool,” said Riley.  “Jason’s experience promotes cohesion across the business and ensures that we’re all working on the same goals.

“It’s a great honor to join the team,” said Cole.  “Evolving a culture of innovation and global talent aligns with our mission and helps our customer accelerate value-based care in the marketplace.  We drive towards the tenets of Simplicity, Scale and Accountability to achieve a best-in-class operating model and drive enterprise performance for our customers and shareholders.”

About Zyter|TruCare ™

Zyter|TruCare™ offers purpose-built software and services for payers, providers, and public health organizations to manage value-based care delivered to anyone, from anywhere, at any time. Our solutions deliver on our promise of consumer-centered care by empowering people to take control over their health and well-being through three main offerings: 

  • A Population Health solution that combines analytics-informed Risk Stratification, Care Management (Care Gaps, Barriers to Care, and Care Opportunities), Medication Management, Utilization Management, and more on a single platform.
  • A Virtual Health solution that extends our Population Health offering with Remote Patient Monitoring, Telehealth, and omnichannel Communication capabilities on a single platform.
  • A Connected Health EDI offering that orchestrates secure, bidirectional, and API-enabled healthcare data between healthcare systems and stakeholders directly into their workflows and within their applications.

 Zyter|TruCare™ offers professional services that apply strategy, design, and implementation expertise.  Check us out at www.zyter.com or reach out to us to learn more.

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