Ontario Government ignores Environmental Registry of Ontario, says Animal Alliance of Canada

Set to approve controversial “train and trial compounds” as it moves quickly to pass Bill 91

Toronto, Ontario, CANADA

TORONTO, May 16, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- On April 3, 2023, the Ford government posted its “Proposal to allow the issuance of licenses for new dog train and trial areas and the transfer of licences”, seeking input from Ontarians. On the same day, the government tabled Bill 91, which includes changes to the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act to allow more of the highly controversial train and trial compounds.

“The Environmental Registry’s consultation closes on May 18, 2023,” said Liz White, Director, Animal Alliance of Canada. “As of May 11, Bill 91 passed first and second reading and the Standing Committee on Justice Policy and in now poised to pass Third Reading.”

“It is apparent that the Ford government is not interested in what Ontarians think about this cruel and archaic activity,” said Lesley Sampson, Founding Executive Director, Coyote Watch Canada. “When Ontarians learn what happens to the wild animals enclosed in these compounds the vast majority of people are horrified and are strongly opposed.”

“Videos taken by hound hunters expose the terrible cruelty of this so called “sport”, continued Sampson. “Allowing, and even encouraging dogs to chase, attack, maul and kill coyotes, foxes, cottontail rabbits and hares should be outright banned.”

“The people who own these compounds are permitted to allow activities that can only be described as barbaric,” said Barry MacKay, Officer, Animal Protection Party of Canada. “They are allowed to keep coyotes, foxes, hares and cottontails in these compounds for the purpose of training hunting dog skills. Up to 50 dogs chase, harass, corner and tear apart the wild animals. Pitting dogs against coyotes is essentially permitting dog fighting.”

“Ramming through unpopular legislation is a hallmark of the Ford government,” said MacKay. “The best example of course is Ford’s determination to open up the green belt to housing development despite a promise to keep his hands off it.”

“No wonder Premier Ford does not want to wait for public input,” said White. “Ontarians would be horrified. I guess the only people who matter to Ford are those in the hunting community who ignore principles of fair chase and utilization and condone this cruelty.”

“As a matter of fact, the government could solve the cruelty concerns by allowing compounds but without wild animals,” said MacKay. “Most dogs hunt by scent and the compounds could set up a scent tracking system to help them learn.”

Further information:Liz White: liz@animalalliance.ca, 416-809-4371
 Barry MacKay: mimus@sympatico.ca, 905-472-9731
 Lesley Sampson: coyotewatchcanada.com, Canid Outreach 905-931-2610