EssilorLuxottica: EssilorLuxottica 2023 Annual Shareholders’ Meeting

Charenton Cedex, FRANCE

EssilorLuxottica 2023 Annual Shareholders’ Meeting

  • All resolutions proposed by the Board of Directors are adopted
  • Dividend of Euro 3.23 per share
  • Shareholders can opt for payment of the dividend in shares

Charenton-le-Pont, France (May 17, 2023 6:00 pm CET) – EssilorLuxottica’s Annual General Meeting was held today at the 3 Mazarium in Paris. EssilorLuxottica shareholders approved all 19 resolutions submitted by the Board of Directors to the Ordinary and Extraordinary General Meeting, including the compensation policy applicable to the Company’s Executive Corporate Officers.

Five years after its birth in 2018, EssilorLuxottica is now the global champion it was meant to become”, commented Francesco Milleri, Chairman and CEO, and Paul du Saillant, Deputy CEO at EssilorLuxottica after the meeting. “We realized our vision of EssilorLuxottica as an open, collaborative and omnichannel Company. Our strong and unique assets - from brands and products portfolio to distribution networks, from supply chain to innovation capability, supported by highly skilled teams - allow us to grow with the eyecare and eyewear market in a sustainable way and to deliver on our mission to help people ‘see more and be more’. We remain committed to improving consumer experience and services to eye care professionals through innovation and to enhance market standards. As we celebrate these key milestones, we would like to thank our shareholders for their continued trust and support in achieving our goals.” 

Option for payment of the dividend in shares

Furthermore, the resolution granting shareholders the option to receive their final dividend to be paid for the financial year ended on December 31, 2022, in shares has been approved. As duly acknowledged by the Board of Directors, the price for newly issued shares for the payment of the dividend has been set at Euro 160.91 per share.

  • This price corresponds to 90% of the average of the opening prices on Euronext Paris during the twenty trading days preceding the date of the Annual General Meeting less the amount of the final dividend to be distributed for the financial year ended on December 31, 2022, this total being rounded up to the next euro cent.

  • The ex-dividend date is set on May 22, 2023. The record date is set on May 23, 2023.

Shareholders will be entitled to opt for payment of the dividend in newly issued shares between May 24, 2023 and June 7, 2023. To exercise such option, shareholders have to address their request to the authorized financial intermediaries (which may set a shorter election period depending on their administrative processes). For shareholders holding shares in pure registered form, the request will have to be addressed to the Company’s agent (Uptevia, Grands Moulins de Pantin, 9, rue du Débarcadère, 93761 Pantin Cedex). For shareholders who have not exercised their option by June 7, 2023 (or the date set by their authorized financial intermediaries) at the latest, the final dividend will be entirely paid in cash.

An application will be made to admit the new shares for trading on Euronext Paris market. The new ordinary shares allocated in payment will confer the same rights as the existing shares and carry current dividend rights (“jouissance courante”), i.e. they will confer the right to any distribution paid out as from the date of their issuance.

If the amount of the final dividend in respect of which the option will be exercised does not correspond to a whole number of shares, the shareholder will receive the number of shares rounded down to the nearest inferior whole number, and a balancing payment in cash (“soulte”).

The payment of the dividend or the delivery of the new shares following the exercise of the option will take place from June 13, 2023.

Shareholders may connect to to consult the Questions & Answers dedicated to the payment of dividend in shares.

Time frame

  • Ex date1: May 22, 2023.
  • Record date2: May 23, 2023
  • Period to exercise the option: May 24 to June 7, 2023.
  • Date of payment: June 13, 2023.

The replay of the Annual General Meeting is available here:

1 First date from which EssilorLuxottica shares are traded without the dividend rights.
2 Date on which positions are determined by the central securities depository at close of business.