BarTrack and Micro Matic Partner to Launch The SmartDraft™ System Lineup to the Global Beverage Industry

Equipped with BarTrack’s innovative beverage monitoring technology, The SmartDraft™ System monitors beverage quality, over a dozen draft system conditions and real-time inventory to transform a fragmented industry into a fully integrated ecosystem

Washington D.C., May 18, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Beverage quality and data technology company BarTrack partners with Micro Matic to release the world’s first fully vertically integrated smart draft systems. The SmartDraft™ System, powered by BarTrack, provides real-time access to beverage quality analytics, automates inventory management, and ultimately helps bar, restaurant, brewery, and stadium management teams create the ideal drinking experience for consumers. 

This transformational partnership will bring smart technology across a line of draft dispensing equipment to the market, including refrigeration, glycol power packs, and much more. Pairing two of the draft beverage industry’s leading brands, The SmartDraft™ System product lineup is changing the way retailers interact with their draft systems, and revolutionizing the fragmented draft beverage space into a fully integrated ecosystem. 

“We are thrilled to see our dream become a reality by partnering with Micro Matic. This will allow us to combine our world-class technology with the highest quality draft system equipment. Our smart platform will result in a more efficient value chain for producers, distributors, retailers, servicers, and installers, all while benefiting the end consumer,” says Brett Danielson, co-founder and CEO of BarTrack. “With the BarTrack App, the SmartDraft™ System provides an unprecedented amount of valuable information into draft beverages that are now visible from anywhere in the world.”

The SmartDraft™ System, powered by BarTrack, is a combination of IOT offerings that monitor and report on all of the variables that affect beverage quality and profitability, including draft line and cooler temperature, pressure, line cleanliness, foam, unrung pours, keg levels, and system health. The SmartGlycol System, SmartRefrigeration, and BarTrack’s Smart Beverage Sensors combine to create the first vertically integrated SmartDraft™ System. BarTrack’s non-intrusive technology doesn't have any moving parts, which allows bar owners and servicers that use Micro Matic equipment to have access to reliable and precise data from the tip of their fingers. The integrated BarTrack App connects to the smart system and point-of-sale tools to provide teams with access to data on every pour as it moves through the system to the consumer’s glass. Nobody likes a foamy, flat, or over carbonated beer. BarTrack and Micro Matic are teaming up to help end the unmonitored, subpar drinking experience.

This revolutionary technology alerts operators when issues arise. BarTrack’s internal AI beverage consultant, named BART, will give owners and service companies proactive alerts that will allow equipment to be serviced before an issue arises or affects the quality of the beverage. These two products are just the beginning of a SMART revolution that BarTrack and Micro Matic plan to bring to the market with the goal of perfecting the customers drinking experience at every establishment.

“BarTrack and Micro Matic fundamentally believe in the same thing – creating the best drinking experience for all bar patrons, while reducing unnecessary product waste. Because, at the end of the day, who doesn't love a cold, crisp pint,” says Danielson. “The only thing more important than a big idea, is the team that can pull it off. With our combined resources we have the knowledge, experience, and vision to facilitate a positive transformation of our beloved industry.”

BarTrack and Micro Matic will be at the National Restaurant Association show in Chicago May 20-23. Visit BarTrack’s booth 6576 and Micro Matic’s booth 3441 to see the official unveiling of the SmartDraft™ System. 

About BarTrack

Founded in 2018, BarTrack is a hospitality quality and data technology company that has revolutionized the way bars, breweries, restaurants, and stadiums manage their inventory and eliminate costly waste. BarTrack’s flagship offering is a first of its kind non-intrusive beverage sensor technology platform with no moving parts. The company’s sensors and web-enabled software empower better inventory management and improved draft system diagnostics through the monitoring of a dozen beverage specific variables. This, in combination with point-of-sale integration, delivers a comprehensive view of the causes and impact of waste on the bottom line. Learn more at


Introducing The SmartDraft™ System, Powered by BarTrack Find Out More at the 2023 National Restaurant Association Show

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