CHATTANOOGA, TENNESSEE, May 22, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- “Just One More Foundation” has awarded 17 grants to people in 13 states and Washington DC to help them achieve their goals, to help other people. All of the award winners, nonprofits, and individuals have overcome obstacles to get to where they are and want to help others.

The Foundation gave out more than $110,000 in its first round of giving. Each grant ranged from $1,500-$22,500.

One individual, Air Force Staff Sergeant Alfred Perkins III, will receive an award of $3,000 to become a professional grant writer to help veterans and people in inner-city neighborhoods.

The Launch Pad in Chattanooga, Tennessee is one of 14 nonprofit organizations receiving a grant. They serve women recovering from addiction. They will receive $22,500 toward additional staff to create a third sober living facility.

The winners come from across the United States; including California, Florida, Illinois, Kansas, Louisiana, Maryland, Montana, New Hampshire, New York, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia and, Washington, D.C.

The group’s founder, Richard Rogers says, “I created this foundation to inspire hope and provide an opportunity to individuals who have experienced hardships and the organizations that serve them. Foundation priorities include funding individuals or nonprofits who serve people dealing with substance use and/or mental health, general health care, education and opportunity issues.

Rogers’ second chances include surviving a near fatal lightning strike and, with his brother’s help, bringing their family business back from the brink of bankruptcy following their father’s suicide,” Rogers says. “We can’t save the world, but we can help out. And this is our way of giving back.”

This is “Just One More Foundation’s” first round of giving. The nonprofit plans two rounds of giving each year; and will be accepting applications for a second round beginning July 1st. For more information on the foundation and grant process, contact Executive Director Daryn Kagan, daryn@justonemorefoundation.org or go to the website: justonemorefoundation.org.



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