ZoomRx Announces Launch of Ferma: The First AI-Powered Ally Uniquely Crafted to Empower Life Sciences Professionals

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., May 22, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Global life sciences consulting firm ZoomRx is set to transform the life sciences industry with today’s launch of Ferma, a groundbreaking AI-powered conversational platform specifically tailored for professionals across the pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device industries.  

Ferma is designed to provide rapid and accurate answers to any life sciences question, elevating decision-making processes and enhancing efficiency for individuals and organizations across life sciences.

The All-In-One Information Hub for Life Sciences Professionals

“To date, the use of AI-driven language models within life sciences has been severely limited by important concerns around accuracy and data security,” said ZoomRx Co-CEO and co-founder Sriram Subramanian. “With the launch of Ferma, we have overcome these barriers and provided life sciences professionals with an intelligent, trustworthy ally that can provide fully sourced and confidential insights on any life sciences topic in an instant.”

Ferma sets itself apart from other generalized AI platforms across four key variables:

  • Accuracy - Ferma does not hallucinate. Each and every answer is grounded in real-world data and includes hyperlinked citations.
  • Understanding - Ferma speaks the language of life sciences, with unparalleled understanding of life sciences data and terminology via ZoomRx’s advanced, industry-tested knowledge graph.
  • Sourcing - Ferma provides comprehensive, real-time access to critical life sciences data sources including over 4M scientific publications, 190k clinical trials, 30k SEC reports, 10k earnings call transcripts, 105k press releases, and much more.
  • Reasoning - Ferma seamlessly breaks down complex questions into their component parts and offers users step-by-step visibility into its reasoning processes.

Together, the result is an indispensable all-in-one platform that dramatically enhances the efficiency and productivity of its users. Questions that once required hours or days of searching across multiple data sources can now be answered with the click of a button. What’s more, users can export their Ferma conversations to any PowerPoint template to seamlessly integrate into their next presentation.

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Try Ferma for Free; Unlock the Full Potential with Premium Features

Ferma offers tiered pricing and functionality, catering to the specific needs of individual users and enterprises alike. 

  • Ferma Starter: Any life sciences professional with an active workplace email address can gain instant, complimentary access to Ferma Starter, including up to 20 free queries per month. Ferma Starter users will also receive complimentary access to advanced Business Intelligence and Medical Intelligence data modules for the first 30 days.
  • Ferma Pro: Users can unlock up to 500 queries per month and permanent access to advanced data modules by subscribing to Ferma Pro for as little as $100/month or $1,000/year 
  • Enterprise Models: Discounted enterprise-level contracts are also available, including advanced features like model customization and indexing of organizational archives.

Transforming the Life Sciences Industry, One Answer at a Time

The launch of this innovative platform marks a significant leap forward in the life sciences landscape. “The key barrier in life sciences today is not generating high quality data, but in synthesizing the massive amount of available data into useful insights,” says Vivek Mathivanan, Ferma’s Associate Director. “By empowering professionals with instant access to accurate and reliable information, Ferma is helping to usher in a new era of informed decisions and unprecedented efficiency.”

To learn more about how Ferma can elevate your pharmaceutical career or organization, visit ferma.ai or contact conrad.walgren@zoomrx.com.

About ZoomRx
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