Leading Packaging Automation Company Added to Sweet Leaf Madison Capital’s Preferred Vendor Program

Paxiom Automation joins SLMC’s Preferred Vendor Program to provide equipment financing for its clients

DENVER, May 23, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Sweet Leaf Madison Capital (SLMC), a nationwide provider of customized debt solutions for the middle-market cannabis industry, has announced that it has added Paxiom Automation, a leading provider of primary, secondary and end-of-line packaging machines, to its Preferred Vendor Program.

“As the industry leader in premium automated packaging systems, our number one focus has always been on our customers,” said Nicholas Taraborelli, Vice President at Paxiom. “In today’s economy, having financing resources is more important than ever, which is why we are excited to work with the innovative team at Sweet Leaf Madison Capital, which shares our values, dedication, responsiveness and commitment to business.”

Price compression and increased competition is placing incredible pressure on cannabis operators to do more with less, while limited access to banking and financing still creates barriers for operational growth. Technological innovations that automate labor-intensive processes enable companies to cut production costs and meet competitive demands.

SLMC’s Preferred Vendor Program is aimed at helping participating vendors gain a competitive advantage by increasing the velocity of their sales. Through SLMC’s lending platform, vendors are able to provide their customers with a source of financing to make expensive purchases of equipment, which means those clients can spread their capital and manage cash flow across a broader range of business needs. This arrangement is highly advantageous to all parties. SLMC is able to help its vendors by providing them liquidity, vendors win by boosting sales velocity across more of their customer base, and customers win by getting lower costs of capital and access to the equipment they need to grow.

The program is also distinguished by providing quick approval for the majority of qualifying customers and offering opportunities for co-marketing through press releases, joint branding, and coordinated appearances at conferences and trade shows.

“There is a major trend in the industry toward automation in order to cut labor costs and raise efficiency,” said Andrew Kaye, Chief Commercial Officer of SLMC. “Paxiom’s automation equipment enables operators to create better products, generate less waste and reduce operating expenses. We think Paxiom’s customers will be thrilled that they now have a new option to upgrade their operations.”

About Sweet Leaf Madison Capital
Sweet Leaf Madison Capital provides customized, “seed-to-sale,” asset-based lending solutions to the underserved middle-market of the cannabis industry by originating equipment financing, real estate loans, and senior secured term loans. The company is based in Denver and has offices in New York City and West Palm Beach. To learn more visit Sweet Leaf Madison Capital online or continue the conversation on LinkedIn.

About Paxiom Automation
Paxiom Automation is a leading provider of primary, secondary, and end-of-line packaging machines with more than 30 years of industry expertise. Operating from eight global facilities, with a passionate and focused staff of professionals, Paxiom also possesses a strong national service presence, the ability to provide systems integration, and an installed base that includes more than 7,000 machines around the world. To learn more, visit Paxiom Automation online.

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