Folia Health launches user-led research program, the Canopy Series

BOSTON, May 23, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Today, Folia Health announced a first-of-its-kind observational research initiative driven by the priorities of patient and caregiver users. This program, called the Canopy Series, will kick off with its inaugural report in June 2023, and is a brand-new type of research on the Folia home-reported outcomes (HRO) platform.

Folia’s 25,000+ users encompass individuals living with dozens of rare and complex conditions. Over the course of living with one or more conditions and tracking their HROs, these individuals learn an incredible amount about themselves and the most effective strategies available to maximize their health, but they also accumulate questions - what’s going on with other people living with similar conditions; what is working for them; what’s the broader landscape of healthcare right now, and how is it changing? The Canopy Series is aimed to develop insights to these user-led questions, based on specific queries nominated and voted on by our users.

As expressed by a Canopy Series participant, “We are more alike than we are different. Learning from others can show us how to better understand ourselves.”

The Folia Health team is proud to be launching this truly user-driven research program. “Ultimately, the point of healthcare is to meet the needs of individual people. There should be more research driven by the expressed priorities of people who have become experts in their own conditions through the experience of living with and managing complex and rare diseases. We’re excited to see what we learn as a research community from the Canopy Series.”

Folia is committed to running the Canopy Series throughout 2023, with reports made available to participants on a variety of user-nominated research topics over that period. To learn more about the Canopy Series, email

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