Zighra Secures Canadian Coast Guard Contract to Pilot Explainable AI Solution for Enhanced Cybersecurity

OTTAWA, May 25, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Zighra has been awarded a pilot contract with the Canadian Coast Guard (CCG) to test its Explainable AI cybersecurity solution, Zighra DeepSense. The testing will take place at ports across the Canadian coast, where enhancing Canada’s cybersecurity is becoming an increasingly vital component of its maritime security initiatives. This initiative is part of the Innovative Solutions Canada Testing Stream project.


Government departments, including the Coast Guard, face challenges that demand more intelligent and autonomous systems that can perceive, learn, and make decisions, both independently and in collaboration with humans. To do this, users must be able to understand and trust how the AI makes decisions. In contrast to the opaque nature of “black box” AI networks and deep learning systems, explainable AI systems are designed for auditable traceability, verification, and validation, ensuring transparency and accountability in AI-driven processes. 

Zighra’s Explainable AI solution works intelligently and transparently with analysts and leaders to help in early identification, assessment, response to threats, and better understand adversaries. Thereby significantly improving tactical decision making and maritime security. 

The Canadian Coast Guard’s maritime cybersecurity operations require explainable systems to better safeguard its processes, personnel, and assets against rapidly evolving and ever-increasing threats. Piloting Zighra DeepSense is a significant step forward in the Coast Guard's commitment to harnessing the power of artificial intelligence while maintaining the highest levels of trust and accountability.

Zighra’s CEO, Deepak Dutt, shared his excitement about the collaboration, remarking, “We are delighted to join forces with the Canadian Coast Guard to harness the potential of Zighra DeepSense in enhancing maritime safety and security. Our primary goal has always been to propel innovation in AI and cybersecurity, and this collaboration highlights our dedication to delivering groundbreaking, transparent solutions that cultivate trust and synergy between humans and AI systems. It is essential for human operators to comprehend, build appropriate trust in, and adeptly manage the upcoming generation of AI-driven machines.”

The Coast Guard’s pilot project with Zighra DeepSense will deliver:

  • Automated processing, analysis, and optimization of collected threat data and to improve operational cyber decision-making both tactically and strategically. 
  • Analyze large sets of historical data to finetune AI engines while deriving actionable analytics and insights.
  • Provide interpretability by breaking down complex AI algorithms into easily understandable components. This enables users to comprehend the factors driving AI decisions, fostering confidence in the system and its recommendations.
  • Customizable reports, visualizations, and insights tailored to the needed level of detail and explanation.

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