Clinical ink and Teckro Partner to Enhance Site User Engagement

Winston Salem, NC, May 31, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Clinical ink, a pioneering leader in eSource and complex site data collection, is delighted to announce its partnership with Teckro, a trailblazer in mobile site engagement solutions. The collaboration combines Clinical ink expertise in Direct Data Capture with Teckro's unique mobile app, driving ease of use for research staff and investigators to significantly improve the clinical trial experience.

Clinical ink has a proven track record of managing complex site data collection. The company has prioritized its study solutions to deliver faster time to market, greater ease of use, and better patient experience. Teckro supports informed decisions at the point of care with an intuitive, native mobile app loved by investigators around the world. Together, Clinical ink and Teckro will propel a new era of engagement and usability for site partners.

Expected to be available to site partners globally, the collaboration yields immediate benefits including:

  •       Immediate Execution of Inclusion/Exclusion Review and eConsent Facilitation
    Accelerate the process of obtaining electronic consent, reduce administrative burden, and expedite trial enrollment
  •       One Native App for All Protocols
    Eliminate the site burden of managing dozens of passwords to different study sponsor portals
  •       Decentralized Experience for Engaging with Study Experts

Provide immediate answers at the point of care for investigators and site staff

●      Interconnected Digital Protocol and Seamless Transition to Data Collection
Eliminate the risk of the wrong protocol version being used by sites and streamline data capture
●      Streamlined Communication for Enhanced Site-Sponsor Collaboration
Open new opportunities for sponsors to proactively communicate with sites and create a direct feedback loop

"We are partnering with Teckro to bring about a paradigm shift in site user engagement and ease of use in clinical trials," says Jonathan Goldman, MD, CEO at Clinical ink. "Combining our expertise in complex site data collection with Teckro's decision support app sets us up to improve site partners’ user experience, compliance, and study timelines."

"By collaborating with Clinical ink for complex site data collection, we are shaping a new era of simplicity and efficiency in clinical trials,” adds Gary Hughes, Co-Founder and CEO at Teckro. “We can further empower investigators and research staff to navigate study answers seamlessly, streamline data capture, and facilitate enhanced collaboration between sites and sponsors."

About Clinical ink
Clinical ink is the global life science company bringing data, technology, and patient-centric research together. Our deep therapeutic-area expertise, coupled with Direct Data Capture, eCOA, eConsent, telehealth, neurocognitive testing, and digital biomarkers advancements, drive the standards for data precision and usher in a new generation of clinical trials. 

About Teckro
Teckro is the interconnected digital protocol that delivers immediate answers from study resources and experts anytime, anywhere. A single mobile app for all protocols, Teckro is the go-to resource for informed study decisions to orchestrate better patient care. Available on Apple and Android devices, Teckro is used by thousands of investigators around the world for all phases, any trial setting, and every therapeutic area.


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