Introducing Ask Buddy, GTM Buddy's generative AI-powered guided selling platform designed to help reps close more deals in less time

By analyzing deal context, buyer engagement, and sales content, Ask Buddy provides reps with the right information to improve buyer interactions

DURHAM, N.C., May 31, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- GTM Buddy, the just-in-time revenue enablement platform, today announced Ask Buddy, a guided selling solution powered by generative AI. By building on GTM Buddy's AI innovations for content recommendations, auto-indexing, contextual search, persona intelligence, and meeting prep, Ask Buddy uses generative AI to help reps close deals faster with tacit knowledge and opportunity-specific guidance.

Analyst firm Gartner predicts 75% of B2B sales organizations will enhance traditional sales playbooks with AI-guided selling solutions by 2025. Ask Buddy uses a combination of signals, such as opportunity context, sales content in GTM Buddy, and buyer and rep engagement, to provide guided selling recommendations.

Using OpenAI’s APIs and proprietary models, Ask Buddy enhances just-in-time enablement by curating relevant information from a variety of sales content, and then providing reps with digestible, bite-sized insights as they engage buyers. With Ask Buddy, reps can be more productive, impress buyers with the right information, and generate more revenue with prompt, accurate, and reliable responses.

Ask Buddy delivers the following capabilities that help sellers respond to buyers faster and win more customers:

  1. Email Responses. Sellers can quickly respond to a prospect’s question in an email thread or follow up with a buyer after an initial discovery call. Ask Buddy can help reps write email copy for a product pitch, counter objections, and build prospect talk tracks using persona intelligence.

  2. Next-Best Actions. Sellers can move a deal forward with Ask Buddy’s opportunity-specific advice using pre-built prompt engineering. Reps can use Ask Buddy to summarize the opportunity context, recommend which content to share, generate messaging against identified competitors, or find relevant social proof.

  3. Chat Bot. Reps can also interact with Ask Buddy through a classic chat interface. Sellers can ask questions and iterate on each response. Reps can also verify the content used to generate a response to ensure it is accurate and factual.

With Ask Buddy, enablement teams can improve efficiency and drive more effective seller behaviors:

  1. Knowledge Extraction. Enablement teams can capture knowledge from company-wide sales conversations and publish them as frequently asked questions (FAQs). A conversation may originate in your CRM, a collaboration platform like Slack or Teams, or a conversational intelligence tool such as Gong or Chorus. By tracking, organizing, and suggesting FAQ responses, Ask Buddy helps reps improve buyer interactions with tribal knowledge.

  2. Everboarding. Even though a rep might have learned about a negotiation framework during onboarding, it is unlikely that they will remember it in the future. Through coaching notes, enablers can provide contextual guidance and refresh reps' knowledge of sales processes, best practices, and content. Ask Buddy auto-generates coaching notes for your entire sales library, reducing manual work for enablers.

“We are excited to announce the launch of Ask Buddy, our generative AI-powered guided selling solution. Ask Buddy’s AI-powered guided selling boosts rep productivity, delivers compelling buyer experiences, and ensures consistent sales execution,” said Sreedhar Peddineni, CEO and Co-founder of GTM Buddy. “Over 60% of enablement content is rarely used by reps because sellers don't have time to review different sales collateral. Ask Buddy opens up a wealth of knowledge to help build buyer trust and provide reps with the information they need to close deals.”

Ask Buddy is currently in private beta. For more information, please contact your customer success team.

About GTM Buddy

GTM Buddy's revenue enablement solution provides compelling, relevant, and opportunity-specific information that reps can use to build customer trust and close more deals. GTM Buddy helps sellers share relevant and credible content that answers buyers' questions, prepares them for critical calls, and eliminates busy work.

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