Stephen Gould Boosts Project Management Efficiencies with Slingshot

The Billion-Dollar Packaging and Product Design Supplier Taps Digital Workplace to Improve Internal Processes and Drive Collaboration in Major Offices

Cranbury, New Jersey, UNITED STATES

Cranbury, NJ, May 31, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Stephen Gould, an American-made, family-run packaging and product design supplier, today revealed the results of its work with Slingshot, the digital workplace from software company Infragistics. Stephen Gould partnered with Slingshot to introduce a single place for its teams to collaborate, communicate and connect digitally. This digital workplace approach has improved internal processes and project management across its offices in key regions, significantly improving productivity and driving efficiencies.

Stephen Gould has provided full-service packaging design, engineering, manufacturing, and fulfillment to clients in industries such as retail, food and beverage, CPG, medical, pharma, government, automotive and aerospace for over 80 years. And, like many legacy companies, Stephen Gould had long relied on decades-old manual systems and internal processes, driven primarily by paper. As a company that manages tens of thousands of custom products and connects a diffuse network of vendors, designers and engineers that bring those products to life, Stephen Gould’s growth is largely dependent on its ability to scale and modernize the processes that drive its packaging solutions from design to fulfillment.

When Stephen Gould set out to transform its internal processes to meet the needs of a global digital workforce and ever-growing customer base, it looked to Slingshot to further digitize how it approached project management components such as content, collaboration and communication. And because the company sells custom packaging projects, it needed a system that could support its unique turn-key business model and manage its internal teams and external suppliers across the hundreds of varying projects it oversees every day.

With Slingshot, Stephen Gould can now organize projects, content, chats and data all in one application, and easily access what they need to make informed business decisions or complete a task– at the exact moment it’s needed. The ability to visualize and enter data in real-time has enabled teams to complete more efficient hand-offs and drive next steps more quickly. Teams can also better connect with each other and manage every part of a project, from the purchase order through production and delivery, with the ability to add deadlines to individual and team tasks.

“We work with our customers every day to transform their product visions into tangible, real-world experiences, and with Slingshot, we’re now bringing that level of innovation to our own internal project management processes,” said Aaron Salko, Regional Sales Manager, Stephen Gould. “We’ve been able to improve the speed at which teams can find data and utilize it, which in a service-driven industry like ours, is absolutely critical for success. We’ve completely transformed how our teams work and are driving business growth because of it.”

Stephen Gould’s work with Slingshot has increased productivity and efficiencies across the business, removing the need for teams to constantly app switch and instead, find everything they need to get work done in one place. Teams that would spend hours a day on specific tasks, now only spend minutes. Stephen Gould has also increased visibility into workflows and other factors that affect project success, increasing accountability for individuals and teams.

“We created Slingshot to offer teams a place where they can not only get work done in the digital realm, but better collaborate, make informed decisions, improve productivity, and ultimately, drive business results,” said Dean Guida, Founder of Slingshot. “By digitizing its internal processes and bringing everything–be it projects, chat, analytics, or content– together, Stephen Gould has truly unleashed the power of its teams.”


About Stephen Gould
Stephen Gould is the largest independent supply chain solutions provider in the United States. With more than 40 locations spanning the globe, the company utilizes its vast network and expertise to develop customized supply chain support to help its clients quickly bring their ideas to life and their products to market. From design, prototype and product and packaging production to supply chain management, warehousing, and local and global logistics services, it’s all within reach at Stephen Gould. More information is available at

About Slingshot
Slingshot is the digital workplace that connects everyone you work with to everything they need to get work done. The platform streamlines companies’ workplace tech stacks by giving remote, in-person and hybrid teams a single place to collaborate, make data-driven decisions, set goals, share content and communicate within the context of the projects they’re working on. Slingshot puts an end to the interrupted workflows that result from constant app-switching and places data analytics central to decision-making, helping organizations create data-driven cultures. With clarity on priorities, workload and expectations, teams are empowered to manage their work, no matter where they are. Slingshot is available as a desktop app (Mac and Windows) and mobile app (Apple App Store and Google Play), and can be accessed on any web browser at The platform was built by software company Infragistics.


Slingshot connects everyone you work with to everything they need to get work done. Slingshot powers teams to go from insight to collaboration to decisions.

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