Ecorobotix Kicks off North American Sales of Ultra-High Precision Sprayer

Yverdon-les-Bains, SWITZERLAND

Swiss agtech company, Ecorobotix, acquires its first clients in Canada, who are reportedly, “very excited for this new farming technology.”

YVERDON-LES-BAINS, Switzerland , June 01, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Ecorobotix, the Swiss-based agtech company, is proud to announce the launch of its revolutionary sprayer, ARA, in North America, arriving first in Canada. The company has sold two machines so far directly to Delfland and Ferme Hotte & Van Winden, two of Canada’s top vegetable growers, both directly supplying to US cities like New York and Boston. After only a short time of training, the ARAs are already making an impact in their fields.

Martin Van Winden, from Ferme Hotte & Van Winden, explains his satisfaction with ARA, “The size of ARA is perfect for our vegetable operations. We didn’t need to do anything but go to the fields, fill the tanks, and start spraying. We are impressed with its speed. Being able to do such precise spraying (2.4x2.4in) at 4.7 miles/hour is just amazing. I’m already recommending some other farmers in the region to purchase their own ARA.”

“We are equally excited to begin with ARA,” explained one of Delfland owners, Guillaume Cloutier. “We will focus on using it in our onion and lettuce fields first, then carrots, and other crops that we grow. We are very happy with how the machine is simple to use, rapid, and how the cameras can detect very small weeds.”

Both companies are planning on using ARA to apply different kinds of phytosanitary products (herbicides, fungicides, and insecticides). Cloutier indicated that the savings on the use of products would allow them to pay off the ARA in one to two cropping seasons and that the benefits of use consist not only in the 70-95% phytosanitary product savings, but also an increase in crop yields thanks to the reduction of phytotoxicity and above all, the reduction of manual labor.

Ecorobotix CEO, Simon Aspinall, remarked that the arrival of the first ARA machines in North America is another great step forward for Ecorobotix. The geographic expansion follows Ecorobotix’s recent $52 million funding round, part of which is planned to rapidly expand the company’s global presence, starting with the Americas.

Ecorobotix is a Swiss company, Certified B Corporation®, founded to radically change agriculture for the better to respect the environment by reducing chemical/energy use and impact on soil. Ecorobotix developed ARA, a revolutionary plant-by-plant data solution and ultra-high precision crop treatment that reduces the use of conventional agricultural inputs by 70-95%, while increasing crop yields by 5% or more and significantly decreasing CO2 emissions. Using AI technology and its unique ultra-high precision spraying system, ARA can recognize individual plants, classify them in real-time, and spray the weeds with an unprecedented precision of 2.4x2.4in (6x6cm) without affecting the surrounding crops or soil.

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