Lucidworks and Google Cloud Provide a Complete Solution for Commerce, Customer Service, and the Workplace

  • Lucidworks Fusion accelerates the use case applications of Google’s commercial generative AI Large Language Model (LLM), Vertex AI/PaLM API
  • Lucidworks Fusion combines with Google’s Vertex AI, Discovery AI, BigQuery, Vision, Dialogue Flow, and Contact Center AI (CCAI) to orchestrate the entire customer journey
  • Joint solutions improve relevance and user experience in key use cases and verticals

SAN FRANCISCO, June 01, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Lucidworks, the leading search solutions provider, announced today that it is advancing its partnership with Google Cloud to accelerate search and discovery program success for several of the world’s top brands. With Lucidworks and Google Cloud, search professionals get a scalable, best-in-class solution through a proven partnership and delivery model.

The combined solutions of Lucidworks and Google Cloud deliver a hyper-modern search experience where users get highly personalized, relevant, dynamic, real-time experiences that drive better key outcomes for businesses.

The joint partner solutions offer accelerated relevance and user experience in:

  • Use Case: Merchandising, customer service, B2B and B2C commerce, call center, conversational AI / chat, and enterprise workplace applications
  • Vertical-based solutions: Financial services, travel and hospitality, telecommunications, and media

“Advancements in large language models and conversational AI have created a new set of opportunities to optimize the customer experience,” says Carrie Tharp, Vice President of Strategic Industries at Google Cloud. “As a longtime partner, Lucidworks is well-positioned to provide the guardrails, security measures and support enterprises need to get lasting value from conversational AI tools.”

With Lucidworks, Google Cloud customers gain additional ways to utilize Google Cloud spend through an expanded array of joint solutions available on the Google Cloud Marketplace, including Lucidworks Fusion. Companies can expect a fast time-to-value, better in-the-moment personalization, improved average order value (AOV), better margin and sell-through, and improved gross margin return on investment inventory (GMROI).

“It takes expertise, and modern technology, and integrated AI to deliver an exceptional experience—what we call ‘hyper-modern’,” said Mike Sinoway, CEO, Lucidworks. “Today’s buyers and employees are smart, selective, and expect a lot. Brands need to make search their superpower. Our ongoing partnership with Google Cloud means we can deliver complementary search and browse solutions for every part of the customer journey.”

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About Lucidworks
Lucidworks believes that the core to a great digital experience starts with search and browse. Lucidworks captures user behavior and utilizes machine learning to connect people with the products, content, and information they need. The world’s largest brands, including Crate & Barrel, Lenovo, Red Hat, and Cisco Systems rely on Lucidworks’ suite of products to power commerce, customer service, and workplace applications that delight customers and empower employees. Learn more at


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