QuantGate Systems Inc. Partners with Bennett Milner Williams Consulting to Enhance Distribution of its AI-Powered Pilot Trading App

TORONTO, June 07, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- QuantGate Systems Inc. (OTCQB QGSI), a publicly traded company at the forefront of AI and ML trading technology, today announced a strategic partnership with Bennett Milner Williams Consulting Ltd (BMW Consulting). This alliance will leverage BMW Consulting's expertise in driving business growth and B2C subscriptions to expedite the sales and distribution of QuantGate's flagship product, Pilot Trading App. This collaboration recognizes the potential of AI and ML tools in the flourishing trading landscape and aims to make the Pilot Trading App accessible to a broader spectrum of active traders. The Pilot Trading App utilizes real-time sentiment analysis to provide traders a cutting-edge and intuitive trading experience.

"Pilot's innovative AI and ML technologies align perfectly with the market's ripe potential for digital tools," said Victoria Bennett, Principal at BMW Consulting. "Our experience driving sales and sustainable growth, especially through leading-edge marketing strategies targeting online investors, makes this partnership with QuantGate Systems exciting. We believe Pilot will revolutionize trading for novice and experienced traders."

Pilot's robust suite of features includes innovative Click-to-Trade functionality, demo and simulation modes for paper trading, real-time trade signals, and seamless integration with existing brokerage accounts. Its unique ability to extract real-time market sentiment and trader perception sets it apart from conventional trading tools.

QuantGate's Chairman, Wayne Welter, expresses, "Our collaboration with BMW Consulting will undoubtedly expand the reach of our groundbreaking Pilot Trading App. The app's AI-driven real-time sentiment analysis gives traders an unrivalled edge in the market. At QuantGate, we're all about unlocking alpha in pursuing financial freedom, and this partnership brings us one step closer to that mission."

Pilot Trading is offered at a monthly subscription of US $19.95, including a free 14-day trial. Its Demo and Simulation modes are available free of charge for those who wish to experience the platform's unique offerings. Learn more about Pilot Trading and to download the app on the official website.

QuantGate Systems Inc. has a proud history of over ten years, during which it has developed a performance-based intelligence platform that processes massive amounts of behavioural data in real time. Pilot Trading, a wholly-owned subsidiary of QuantGate, continuously strives to leverage its real-time intelligence platform and APIs to generate invaluable insights for market participants, traders, trading platforms, and institutions.

About Bennett Milner Williams Consulting Ltd
BMW Consulting is a dynamic firm with a strategic understanding for driving business growth and leveraging leading-edge marketing strategies to drive sustainable growth. They are committed to guiding businesses in their growth journey by providing comprehensive business solutions and innovative marketing strategies.

About QuantGate Systems Inc.
QuantGate Systems Inc. (OTCQB: QGSI) is a publicly-traded fintech company that harnesses the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and proprietary big-data processing algorithms to deliver advanced SaaS solutions and seamless API integration. With its wholly-owned subsidiary, Pilot Trading, QuantGate provides investors worldwide with opportunities to make better-informed investment decisions.

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