Prince William County Public Schools Implements Lightspeed Systems’ Solutions to Strengthen Its Technology Ecosystem

The partnership with Lightspeed Systems© will provide a holistic approach to supporting students

MANASSAS, VA, June 08, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Prince William County Public School Division, serving approximately 90,000 students in in Virginia, announces a partnership with Lightspeed Systems©—implementing the company’s award-winning solutions to keep students safe, achieve better learning outcomes, and reduce costs. Together, Lightspeed Filter, Lightspeed Classroom Management, and Lightspeed Digital Insight will enhance the school district’s technology ecosystem by providing more control over student activity on devices, blocking inappropriate content, and providing total visibility into student-level data to help encourage data-driven collaborations across teams.  

Lightspeed Systems’ three solutions will integrate seamlessly to keep students safe, as well as help educators achieve their goals:  

  • Lightspeed Classroom Management empowers teachers to make the most of their digital classrooms by providing control of student activity.
  • AI-driven, Lightspeed Filter blocks inappropriate content while granting access to essential learning materials.
  • Lightspeed Digital Insight offers total visibility into real-time, student-level data on all school district devices to generate actionable, real-time insights for data-driven collaborations. 

“When it comes to promoting learning and online safety, it’s not either/or, it is a 100% commitment to both,” said Brook Bock, Chief Product Officer for Lightspeed Systems. “Prince William County is a leader in taking a holistic approach to advancing education. By using the power of the Lightspeed platform, they are promoting learning that is safe, secure and equitable for their students as well as ensuring their staff can spend less time on administrative duties and more time focused on student outcomes.”  
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