Catapult Launches New Version of Pro Video Suite for Upcoming European Football Season

The latest update includes new time-saving automations, improved workflows, smarter presentation tools, and faster calculation capabilities.

BOSTON, MA, June 08, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- June 8, 2023 – Catapult (ASX:CAT), the global performance technology leader in elite sports, today announced a series of innovations to its Football (Soccer) Pro Video Suite that will provide teams deeper and further insights for the upcoming European season. The latest update includes new time-saving automations, improved workflows, smarter presentation tools, and faster calculation capabilities.

Catapult’s Pro Video platform consists of Focus, Hub, and MatchTracker. Football teams use Focus to capture multi-angle video during games or practice while tagging data live or post events for future analysis and presentation. Catapult’s Hub solution extends Focus’s capabilities with a cloud-based publishing and sharing platform where presentations and insights can be distributed across sport team’s departments from any location. This means performance content can be viewed in real-time, including during matches or between periods. Finally, MatchTracker is a powerful data analysis tool which connects multiple datasets, including wearable data, to video. This allows teams to save time by quickly filtering and visualizing insights across matches, series, a season, and even players.

In preparation for the upcoming European Football season, Catapult is introducing a number of new enhancements, including:

  • New time-saving automations: The latest version of MatchTracker streamlines how teams analyze athlete data with video. Updates include a new automated wearable data import process and auto-synchronization of match periods, which increases the efficiency of combining data by 95 percent from its initial launch.
  • Real-time live workflows: Honed on the pit walls of leading Formula One teams, Pro Video’s live analysis capability has been a key differentiator from competitors, with the ability to livestream video & data across multiple wireless devices. These capabilities are now available to Football analysts where they can share insights to coaches and athletes instantly across multiple devices.
  • Smarter Presentations: Pro Video's Presentation tools, which are embedded within each product, come with a series of new updates that streamline how coaches present performance insights. These include the ability to move or erase player positions with a single click and enhanced pitch annotations to make cross-team communications clearer and easier.
  • Faster Calculation Tools: Catapult also introduced a new no-code solution to enhance analysts’ control of live data visualization. Using a new Calculation Wizard, data windows can be created using custom datasets to provide data incredibly fast.

“Our Pro Video Suite is becoming the most powerful video tool in sports,” said Catapult CEO Will Lopes. “The industry has been conditioned to use video tools solely for tagging and editing. But when we speak to customers, they don’t want more tags and editing capabilities, they want more time and better insights. The upcoming European Football season will witness huge improvement in time-saving and insights with our latest innovations. We are dedicated to providing coaches with the tools they need to unleash their team's true potential." 

“MatchTracker saves us up to the equivalent of a staff member in terms of time saved,” said Mathew Pearson, head of performance insight & data strategy for Wolves FC. “For example, a coach comes in and asks to analyze all of a team’s goal kicks from the last season, at which point, prior to MatchTracker, we would have been faced with a decision to either spend roughly 40 hours pulling this together or be forced to say it wasn’t possible. Neither option was great, but now we can pull all that together in 20 minutes and even go a step further to actually filter those goal kicks by outcome, type, distance, etc to get the kicks they will actually want to see.”

Catapult's commitment to empowering coaches has fueled its rapid growth. By delivering a comprehensive suite of cutting-edge solutions, Catapult continues to revolutionize the way coaches analyze and elevate their team's performance, setting new benchmarks in the world of elite sports.

Catapult’s Tactics & Coaching business line, which includes the Pro Video Suite, continues to grow rapidly in Football (Soccer), Basketball, Rugby, and Motorsports. In Fiscal Year 2023, the company's European region more than doubled its FY22 growth rate rising 14.1 percent, while Asia grew 32.1 percent. 

On June 20, 2023, Catapult will showcase the new Pro Video innovations in an exclusive webinar. Sign up here to attend or visit Catapult’s blog for more information.

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