Most Powerful Cryptocurrency Miners at Promo Offer

NEW YORK, June 09, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Following its recent success, Bitmanu is pleased to announce a 3 Plus 1 promotional offer for its suite of ASIC miners. The company’s BM 1, BM 2, and BM Pro miners have already made a strong impact on the market with their unmatched hash-rates. The just launched promotion will continue until July 10, offering 1 mining rig absolutely free of charge to all purchasers purchasing 3 units of same kind.

Unbeatable Hash Rates

 BM ProBM 2BM 1
Bitcoin3900 TH/s1220 TH/s760 TH/s
Litecoin400 GH/s128 GH/s80 GH/s
Dash75 TH/s25 TH/s15 TH/s
Monero32 MH/s10 MH/s6 MH/s

As a result of these hash rates, Bitmanu miners have been tipped by many as the most powerful mining hardware ever built. This has been complemented by the fact that unlike most other mining rigs in the market, Bitmanu products are not power-hungry monsters. These energy-efficient machines have helped most users recover their investment entirely in no more than a month.

Potential Monthly Profits

 BM ProBM 2BM 1

In general, crypto mining is considered to be a complex field that requires an advanced level of technical knowledge and experience. As a result, common people with limited technical acumen have never been able to make much headway in this emerging market. However, it has been observed that a high-percentage of Bitmanu customers have never used a mining rig previously.

In order to make the benefits of crypto mining available to all, Bitmanu has taken several important measures. First of all, their miners are simple plug-and-play devices that can start mining as soon as they are connected to a power socket. Moreover, the system requirements of these products are nominal, making them ideally suited for small time mining enthusiasts.

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About Bitmanu: Bitmanu is a manufacturing company created, owned, and managed by a team of investors and noted crypto industry experts dedicated to bringing the benefits of latest technological innovations to the public. The company offers a stunning range of crypto miners that offer superfast return on investment, and can be set up and used by all regardless of their experience and knowledge.


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