NEON Opens First On-Demand Neighborhood Hub in San Francisco's Cow Hollow

On-Demand Hybrid Workspace Redefines Where We Work and Connect, Offering Seamless Transition Between Professional Productivity and Community Engagement

SAN FRANCISCO, June 13, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- NEON, the highly anticipated on-demand hybrid workspace, has opened its flagship location at 1974 Union Street in the heart of the Cow Hollow neighborhood in San Francisco.

After five years of careful planning and dedication, NEON is ready to serve the rapidly growing hybrid workforce, offering a fresh perspective on work, space, and connection. The company's unique proposition promises a unique blend of a coffee shop atmosphere with the functionality of a workspace for the evolving workforce.

“Hybrid and remote work is not going away, and today there is an enormous gap in the market for on-demand space,” said Teddy Kramer, CEO and Founder. “Our flagship location is right in the heart of the Cow Hollow neighborhood, and caters to the neighborhood, hosting space for the hybrid workforce while showcasing the vibrant local businesses that make our neighborhoods unique.”

NEON is founded on the basis that the neighborhood is the new downtown, here to support the new normal that is hybrid work. For just $5 an hour or $25 a day, guests can connect to enterprise grade internet and expect all the amenities required to get work done including free Sightglass coffee, copying, printing, UPS shipping and returns, private phone booths and ample space for interaction. A complimentary concierge service is available to check coats, luggage and receive local food orders for guests.

When the sun sets, NEON becomes a space for local gatherings, hosting both public and private events within the community. Free event space is also offered for non-profit organizations and community groups. Members can access NEON today through the app without any contracts, security deposits, or physical keys. NEON operates 7 days a week.

NEON's doors at 1974 Union Street are now open to the public. NEON invites everyone to join, explore, and connect with the local community in this vibrant new hub. This launch is more than just the opening of a workspace; it's the birth of a new perspective on work, space, and connections.

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About NEON
NEON is an on-demand workspace located in the heart of the Cow Hollow neighborhood in San Francisco. Created to fill a gap in the market for a neighborhood work hub, NEON provides the flexibility of a coffee shop with the functionality of a workspace. NEON aims to serve the rapidly growing, hybrid workforce, introducing a new approach to work, space, and connections, while partnering with the local businesses that make the neighborhood unique.


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