Successful Partnership Between Honeygain And JumpTask Yields Userbase Growth

VILNIUS, Lithuania, June 14, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- More than a year has passed since Honeygain, a crowdsourced web intelligence network, began a partnership with JumpTask, a global gig marketplace. The move proved beneficial in creating a better user experience for both companies and opened up new opportunities. Honeygain users can earn crypto passively, whereas JumpTask users can earn on the side while completing one of the many gigs available on JumpTask.

The integration of JumpTask into Honeygain is easily accessible and boosts user engagement. Honeygain users can switch to JumpTask mode available on their dashboards and earn JumpTokens (a native cryptocurrency powered by JumpTask) for their unused internet bandwidth.

This allows users to choose between earning credits that can be exchanged for money and direct crypto earnings. The credit system only allows a PayPal payout once at least $20 worth of credits are accumulated.

On the other hand, JumpTask mode has no limitations; users can pay out whenever they wish. Moreover, the crypto (JumpToken) option allows users worldwide to earn passive income via Honeygain, further increasing the inclusivity of the service.

To strengthen the partnership and incentivize more users to switch to JumpTask mode, Honeygain offers various promotions, such as increases in earnings. This earning mode comes with a +10% bonus.

From the JumpTask perspective, the partnership with Honeygain gave the gig platform much-needed exposure in the growing market right from the start. Over a year ago, JumpTask was noticed by Honeygain, the leading passive income app, boosted the overall visibility of the platform and incited trust for new users.

The key mutual benefit of this partnership is the integrated availability to every user. Just as JumpTask mode is readily available for Honeygain users, Honeygain, as a mode of earning, is accessible on JumpTask. This means that the Honeygain userbase will likely look at JumpTask itself, whereas the JumpTask userbase will discover Honeygain as a passive income solution.

About the company:

Honeygain is the first-ever application that allows users to generate passive online income by sharing their Internet connection. It is the world’s first crowdsourced web intelligence network that provides services to global industries for price comparisons, advertisement verification, brand protection, and more.

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