Bigelow Tea Launches Two Botanical Cold Water Infusions: Blood Orange Tangerine & Pineapple Coconut Mango

Drinking Water Just Got Easier And More Refreshing

Fairfield, Connecticut, June 15, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Third generation, family owned Bigelow Tea is excited to launch two new exciting flavors to the line of light and refreshing Bigelow Botanicals Cold Water Infusions: Botanicals Blood Orange Tangerine Cold Water Infusion and Botanicals Pineapple Coconut Mango Cold Water Infusion.

Each Bigelow Botanicals Cold Water Infusion is carefully crafted with beautiful ingredients that slowly create a lightly infused botanical water. Different from iced tea that is made by steeping tea bags in hot water and then letting it cool, Bigelow Botanicals create a gentle herbal infusion by using real fruit and herbs steeped in cold water in order to extract each blend’s light and delicious flavor. 

Inspiring consumers to prioritize healthy choices by staying hydrated throughout the day, these two new Bigelow Botanicals Cold Water Infusions offer even more flavor variety, in addition to the rest of the delicious line, and are a healthy alternative to sugary drinks with zero calories, no caffeine, and no artificial anything. The convenience of only adding cold water allows you to easily incorporate Bigelow Botanicals Cold Water Infusions into your daily routine to help reach your water intake – whether it’s simply enjoying at home, at work, or exercising, each individually wrapped bag ensures freshness and allows for portability to enjoy by the glass or take it on-the-go.  Drinking more water has never been so easy or delicious!

NEW!  Botanicals Cold Water Infusion Blood Orange Tangerine

Sweet citrus and tangy tangerine create a refreshing infusion.

Enjoy this new way to love your water with Bigelow Botanicals Cold Water Infusion Blood Orange Tangerine. Sweet blood orange fruit is delightfully blended with tangy tangerine, creating a bright citrus infusion with a slightly sweet berry taste. Watch these refreshing Botanicals infuse your water with vibrant ruby-orange hues for an easy and delicious way to drink more water.

NEW!  Botanicals Cold Water Infusion Pineapple Coconut Mango

A tropical infusion of sweet pineapple, coconut and a hint of mango.

Delight in this mouth-watering oasis of flavors which include sweet, delicate pineapple with creamy coconut and a hint of mango. This unique twist on drinking plain water transforms your glass into a hydrating tropical adventure. While quenching your thirst and supporting your wellness routine, this fresh and juicy botanical blend with be the first beverage to reach for every day.

“We know that staying hydrated is essential for overall health and wellbeing,” says Cindi Bigelow, president and CEO of family-owned Bigelow Tea. “In support of our consumers who are focusing on living a healthy lifestyle, we created these two new beautiful cold water infusion flavors to enhance each wellness routine. These exceptional flavors are truly a new way to love your water and help each of us reach our daily hydration goals.” 

Each blend from the line of Bigelow Botanical Cold Water Infusions allows you to easily create your own botanical infused water either by the glass or on-the-go. Bigelow Tea, an authority on flavor, uses only the highest quality ingredients that slowly come alive once cold water is added. We know consumers are still thirsty for healthy refreshment. Take a look at our existing line of exciting and delicious flavors:

Peach Lemonade Acai slightly tart lemon flavor and a hint of sweet peach.

Watermelon Cucumber Mint delicate watermelon, refreshing cucumber, and a hint of fresh mint.

Blackberry Raspberry Hibiscus sweet blackberries and raspberries delightfully blended with refreshing fruity hibiscus.

Cranberry Lime Honeysuckle refreshing tart cranberries, a splash of lime, and a touch of sweet honeysuckle.

Blueberry Citrus Basil the taste of freshly picked blueberries, refreshing citrus, and a light basil finish.

Strawberry Lemon Orange Blossom refreshing burst of juicy strawberry followed by tart lemon and the essence of orange blossom.

The Bigelow Botanicals Cold Water Infusion range of flavors are now available for purchase in stores and online on the Bigelow Tea company website ( and other select online retailers. The average suggested SRP is $3.99.

About Bigelow Tea Company                                                         

Based in Fairfield, CT and 100% family owned, the Bigelow Tea Company pioneered the specialty tea category 80 years ago with its flagship tea, “Constant Comment,”® an iconic black tea known for its unique, memorable blend of orange rind and sweet spice that changed the way Americans were drinking tea. The third-generation company takes pride in its heritage and successful growth from a one-product, entrepreneurial venture into becoming a national market tea leader today. Under the leadership of president and CEO, Cindi Bigelow, Bigelow Tea has become a Certified B Corporation, one of a select group of companies that has made a commitment to corporate social responsibility as a core business goal in the pursuit of a positive social and environmental impact. This certification incorporates maintaining Zero Waste to Landfill operations, being a Green-e® Certified company and organizing the Bigelow Tea Community Challenge fundraiser which has contributed over $2 million to local non-profits since 1988. Producing 2 billion tea bags annually, the Bigelow Tea portfolio is comprised of more than 150 flavors which includes the Bigelow Tea signature line, seasonal tea products, organic, wellness and immune support teas that feature ingredients with functional benefits as well as Botanicals Cold Water Infusions. Bigelow Tea products are available nationwide. For more information, visit our website ( or contact:



Announcing Two NEW Bigelow Botanical Cold Water Infusions Blood Orange Tangerine & Pineapple Coconut Mango

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