Navigate360 Now Offers ‘House Groups’ in PBIS Rewards to Help Educators Reinforce Positive Student Behaviors Schoolwide

A feature highly requested by K–12 schools, PBIS Rewards House Groups will help educators implement elements of community, foster positive competition and promote mentorship in established PBIS initiatives

RICHFIELD, OHIO, June 15, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Navigate360, the nation’s leader in K–12 school safety and student wellness solutions, announces the highly anticipated release of House Groups within PBIS Rewards. The new feature furthers their commitment to creating safe and positive school cultures and stronger school communities.

With PBIS Rewards House Groups, schools can build diverse cross-grade groups by placing students into houses, allowing schools to tie their house system in with their Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) initiative. House Groups enable a community-based system that reinforces positive classroom behaviors by recognizing and rewarding groups of students and promoting friendly competition. Additional benefits of House Groups include community building, social and emotional development and providing an environment that encourages older students to mentor and encourage younger students.

“At Navigate360, we are always listening to feedback from K–12 educators, and House Groups are a top-requested feature for student engagement and classroom camaraderie,” said JP Guilbault, Chief Executive Officer at Navigate360. “As we unveil our new House Groups feature, I am thrilled to see the transformative power it holds for our educational community. By organizing students, staff and teachers into vertical teams or houses, we aim to foster a profound sense of spirit and belonging that transcends division. This sense of belonging and inclusivity has a tremendous impact on behavior within our schools. Participants will be motivated to display positive behaviors, exhibit kindness and demonstrate respect for one another, as they understand that their actions reflect not only on themselves but also their house.”

According to a recent survey by the EdWeek Research Center, 70 percent of educators said students in their schools are misbehaving more now compared to the fall of 2019. By utilizing House Groups, schools help students learn about responsibility, teamwork, leadership skills and cooperation, leading to a more positive overall school community and a reduction in behavior issues.

PBIS Rewards provides a fully comprehensive PBIS management system that covers all three tiers of PBIS while also providing the new option to utilize House Groups. This all-in-one solution ensures that schools have a comprehensive PBIS initiative, while also providing flexibility in how schools organize students and award points for positive behavior.

With House Groups, schools can:

  • Build cross-grade groups, randomly or by selection 
  • Attribute points based on schoolwide expectations established by school or district leadership 
  • Award points to a house, individual students or both 
  • Track the progress of House Groups through the all-new House Group report and leaderboard

House Groups is now available as part of Navigate360’s PBIS Rewards solution at no additional cost.

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Navigate360 Now Offers ‘House Groups’ in PBIS Rewards to Help Educators Reinforce Positive Student Behaviors Schoolwide

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