HOTTOK, a trailblazing socialFi platform that seamlessly integrates DAO and NFT elements within the Web 3.0 ecosystem, has officially marked its global debut.

Seoul, Korea, June 15, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Making its debut in May 2023, HOTTOK, the pioneering GameFi, SocialFi, AI, NFT and DAO-integrated social chat platform, stands at the forefront of the global SocialFi industry. Functioning as an essential catalyst, it spurs the overall progression of the SocialFi sector. It offers its users an unprecedented social experience, bestowing upon them complete creative and fiscal ownership over their data and content.

Regarding the core team of HOTTOK, they are devout adherents of Dogecoin, fervently believing in the power of community and decentralization. Their driving force behind the creation of HOTTOK has been to manifest a social software platform that genuinely reciprocates value to its community, empowering every member to rightfully enjoy the benefits of their social engagement.

The initiation of HOTTOK not only symbolizes a fresh epoch in the blueprint of Web 3.0 but also instigates a groundbreaking technological revolution in global DAO applications. User groups united by DAO have commenced establishing fan communities worldwide, presently spanning 20 countries, including the USA, UK, Germany, France, Singapore, Japan, amongst others. It is projected that its influence will transcend the mark of 100,000 users.

Setting a precedent, HOTTOK is the only blockchain allowing developers to construct social GameFi projects with such seamlessness that users might forget they're interacting with a blockchain. This opens doors for any developer to contribute towards Web 3.0's expansion, potentially disrupting not just the finance industry, but also paving the way for revolutionizing the trillion-dollar GameFi industry.

As stand today, social media is predominantly governed by a select few corporations. However, with the advent of Web 3.0 platforms like HOTTOK, this may soon change as these platforms start integrating with social apps, ushering in a new era of social media ownership and control.

Over the past three months, the search index for 'Web3' has exponentially surged fortyfold, indicating a surge of interest in the shift towards technological decentralization.

While centralized social networks have held sway in the era of Web 2.0, the advent of Web 3.0 heralds a new phase of networks that are entirely decentralized, with ownership resting in the community's hands. This implies that network users will not just be passive consumers but active part-owners, sharing in the value creation while also participating in the governance and operation of the network. This dramatic shift of power from corporations to users signifies a stark contrast to the frameworks of Web 2.0. Within a decentralized network, content creators can exert more control over their digital identities while being rewarded for the value and activity they generate on the network.

To cultivate a positive and symbiotic ecosystem, HOTTOK has introduced three distinct types of tokens, namely HTC (HotTokCoin), HTS (HotTokSilver), and Social_NFT. Among these, HTC, a Governance token with a total issuance of 1 billion, is employed for ecosystem governance and circulation. Players can stake HTC to release their own games, creating a bridge between gamers and issuers. With the continual rollout of phenomenally successful gaming products, HTC's value is bound to rise in tandem.

HTS, an infinitely issued token predicated on specific scenarios, functions as a reward token for contributions within the HOTTOK voice chat social milieu. It satisfies the reward expectations of creators. As HOTTOK's user base continues to flourish, ensuring a balanced reward system becomes increasingly crucial. HTS's design, underpinned by a traffic equilibrium mechanism, efficiently mitigates the potential bubble of token rewards, thus preserving the orderly progression of the HOTTOK ecosystem.

As for Social_NFT, this is a notably standout and unique design, with a genesis issue of 2000, it serves as a proof of ownership within the HOTTOK social ecosystem. It boasts numerous advantageous features, such as deriving dividends from virtual asset transaction fees within the HOTTOK wallet, earning HTS in HOTTOK voice chat products, sharing advertising revenue in HOTTOK products, and participating in DAO governance in HOTTOK. HOTTOK secures its customers within these ecosystems, cultivating their alternative virtual personas across various sectors such as lifestyle, entertainment, and trading. Utilizing virtual reality technology, HOTTOK provides an immersive user experience, allowing individuals to delight in virtual social interactions, leading to the creation of content and generating revenue in the process.

In its ecological design, HOTTOK fashions a composite ecosystem, encompassing Social Voice Chat, Interactive Virtual Environments, Casual Competitive Gaming, Metaverse Social NFTs, Original Content and Creation, Asset Trading and Exchange, Families, and DAO. Through these ecosystems, HOTTOK anchors its customers firmly, creating their alternative personas in the virtual realm, spanning various sectors such as lifestyle, entertainment, and trading.  Harnessing the power of virtual reality, HOTTOK presents an immersive experience, enabling users to savor the delights of virtual socializing, where they can experience unmatched joy, express emotions, generate content, and earn revenue during their social interactions.

In this epoch characterized by a creator-driven economy, HOTTOK empowers community-centric, self-monetized content to dominate the landscape. It furnishes consumers with an opportunity to possess their content and earn from it. Any form of engagement, be it content creation or interaction with other users' content, would be commensurately rewarded with HTS and Social_NFT.

HOTTOK is precipitating a radical metamorphosis in the internet landscape and is set to redefine our online interactions, transactions, and social experiences. With the evolution of technology and the refinement of its ecological scenarios, HOTTOK is positioned to spearhead the Web 3.0 industry, consolidating its standing as the leading gateway to Web 3.0 traffic.


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