Alberta Farmer-Power Engineer Named Next Servus Millionaire

EDMONTON, Alberta, June 15, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Levi Ryl, a 27 year-old farmer and power engineer based in Athabasca, AB, saw one million dollars deposited into his account earlier this morning. Alberta's newest millionaire is the winner of the 2023 Servus Big Share™ contest by Servus Credit Union.

Ryl is a certified power engineer at the local mill. He is also the proud owner of a hay, greenfeed and grain farm in east Athabasca. His love of being outdoors and staying busy has led him to pursue both vocations. "With farming, I get to see the fruits of my labour right in front of me," says Ryl.

Despite admitting to being on "cloud nine" upon receiving the good news about winning the contest, Ryl is taking a level-headed approach to spending the one million dollars. He will be exploring options for debt management and investment. "Winning the Servus Big Share™ contest puts me years ahead of where I thought I would be, financially."

Growing up in Sherwood Park, Ryl often heard his parents—who are also Servus members—discuss financial literacy. To Ryl, financial fitness means "being wise with your money." Alberta's newest millionaire is excited about being able to grow his farm and take on more opportunities rather than keeping things status quo. "I look forward to making my money work for me," says Ryl.

Servus Big Share™ is Servus's annual savings contest aimed at encouraging Albertans to save money and ultimately adopt healthy financial habits. Coming back for the fifth time, this year, the contest inspired Servus members to save a total of $583M, improving their overall financial fitness. "The contest is a reflection of Servus's deeply rooted value of sharing," says Ian Burns, Servus's President & CEO. "As a credit union, when we profit, our member-owners profit. We are thrilled to be able to transform the financial fitness of one lucky member again this year."

Servus Big Share™ is one way through which Servus shares its profit with members. In 2022, Servus also paid over $60 million to members via its Profit Share® program, which enabled every Servus member to receive a percentage of profits by way of cash and dividends. Since starting the Profit Share® program in 2009, Servus has returned more than $700 million to Albertans.


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