Banyan Security Keeps Corporate Secrets out of AI Tools and ChatGPT

The market leading device centric architecture defeats the most advanced AI threats providing modern secure access, and a remarkable user experience.

SAN FRANCISCO, June 20, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Banyan Security proudly announces the launch of a revolutionary product capability that will transform the way enterprises manage application and domain access and protect sensitive information. Recognizing how AI can improve the effectiveness of advanced threats and the challenges of ensuring that corporate intellectual property (IP) and customer personally identifiable information (PII) are not unknowingly leaked into the public domain through interaction with sites that utilize generative AI and large language models (LLMs), Banyan’s latest innovation combines unparalleled application and domain visibility, real time traffic inspection and fine grained policy controls, empowering security teams to proactively identify and manage potential risks.

Today's business landscape demands modern cybersecurity measures to safeguard sensitive corporate assets and customer data. The magnitude of the problems was underscored in a recent survey of nearly 12,000 respondents by the networking site Fishbowl. The study showed that as of January, some 43% of professionals were using ChatGPT or other AI tools, often without telling their bosses. With the rapid growth of online services and the increasing sophistication of cyber threats leveraging Generative AI and Large Language Models, enterprises face the challenge of monitoring and controlling employee access to risky domains. Banyan Security’s latest product capability provides a comprehensive solution that elegantly minimizes threats from this new attack vector.

Unlike other solutions, Banyan Security automatically identifies web applications and domains that employees visit and offers real-time visibility to security teams. It then intelligently classifies the domains based on their association with Generative AI and Language Models and other known security risks and provides a range of configurable actions to enforce company policies.

Key features of Banyan Security's groundbreaking visibility and control capability include:

Automated Application and Domain Identification: The solution automatically identifies and classifies the sites and applications visited by employees, providing security teams visibility to understand when employees are interacting with solutions that leverage Generative AI and Language Models.

Real-time Visibility Drives Action: Armed with the knowledge of which Applications and Domains employees are accessing, security teams can assess potential risks and implement recommended policies according to company guidelines.

Real-time Traffic Inspection: The Banyan solution also inspects traffic for sensitive data, such as PII, PHI, Secrets and Keys, PCI, and Programming Code using a modern cloud-based Data Loss Prevention (DLP) engine.

Policy-based Controls: The solution integrates seamlessly with existing security policies and tools, empowering organizations to configure automatic blocking or access limitation based on the identified domains, ensuring compliance, and reducing the attack surface.

Proactive Risk Management: By continuously monitoring traffic to potentially risky applications and domains, Banyan Security’s solution enables organizations to prevent unintentional leakage of corporate Intellectual Property (IP) and customer Personally Identifiable Information (PII) into vulnerable systems, providing an extra layer of protection.

"As cyber threats continue to evolve, it is crucial for enterprises to have robust tools that automatically provide granular visibility into employee activities and allow proactive risk mitigation," said Jayanth Gummaraju, the Chief Executive Officer of Banyan Security "Our innovative domain visibility and control capability, immediately provides organizations with the necessary tools to protect sensitive information, enforce security policies, and maintain a secure digital environment."

Banyan Security's advanced application and domain visibility and control capability is a testament to the company's ongoing commitment to pioneering cybersecurity solutions that address the ever-evolving challenges faced by enterprises with a modern workforce. With its unique blend of advanced technologies, Banyan Security continues to set the industry standard, empowering organizations to navigate the complex cybersecurity landscape with confidence.

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